How to Kill Providence While Backflipping in Risk of Rain Returns

Defeat the final boss in style with the Sniper, learn how to kill Providence while backflipping in Risk of Rain Returns.

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The “Siiick” achievement is probably one of the most sought-after Sniper achievements in the game that also unlocks a new ability. Here’s how to kill Providence while backflipping in Risk of Rain Returns.

Risk of Rain Returns: How to Kill Providence While Backflipping

Defeating Providence with the Sniper while backflipping with his default utility skill completes the “Siiick” achievement. More importantly, it unlocks the “Heavy Recoil” ability. This alternate utility skill allows Sniper to fire at the ground dealing damage and launching themselves away from danger. 

The actual achievement can be tricky but doable in the standard course of the game. That said, here are some tips to cheese the game and make scoring that achievement trivial.

  • First of all, activate the Artifact of Command so that we can guarantee crucial items for the run.
  • Also, the Glass Artifact will increase our damage while reducing our HP which won’t matter with the following point.
  • Go to the second tab of Character Selection, decrease the amount of damage enemies do to the minimum, and increase your damage to the maximum.
  • With the Artifact of Command, pick up as many Hardlight Afterburner rare items throughout your run for increased backflip charges.
  • Also, pick up an equipment item with delayed damage like the Sawmerang, Disposable Missle Launcher, Gold-Plated Bomb, or Thqwibs.
  • I recommend not picking up passive AoE damage items like Tesla Coil that can potentially steal your kill.

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The Achievement will count if you kill him while backflipping in any phase so you can score it in the first, third, and fourth one. I did it in the first one. The plan is the following in any of the aforementioned phases:

  • First, reduce his HP down to about 10% or less.
  • Aim your Equipment item and fire it.
  • Immediately start spamming your multiple charges of backflips thanks to the Afterburner.
  • Providence will be defeated by your equipment during your backflip spam and you’ll score the Achievement.

Heavy Recoil will be unlocked in your next run.

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We hope you’ve found this guide on how to beat Providence while backflipping in Risk of Rain Returns useful. Even if you don’t utilize the cheesy tips above, just note that the Achievement can be scored in any phase. For more guides, check out our RoRR hub where you can find tips on beating Providence, the Cremator, and other beginner tips.

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