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Risk of Rain Returns: How to Get GUP Sorting Gold Rank

Here's how to get GUP sorting gold rank in Risk of Rain Returns.

One of the Miner challenges in the Providence Trails involving GUP sorting can be a little confusing without proper explanation. Here’s how to get GUP sorting gold rank in Risk of Rain Returns.

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How to Get GUP Sorting Gold Rank in Risk of Rain Returns

If you’ve come across a Miner challenge where you have to sort out GUP slimes and are wondering what you’re supposed to actually do, we’ve got you covered. This minigame confused me a little, but it’s essentially about luring a GUP of a specific size to specific pens. The game doesn’t tell you where which size of GUP goes, so I’ll guide you through the challenge.

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First off, there are seven pens in total. There’s the large one in the center, and six distributed in the lower, middle, and top left and right respectively. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you have to do to both win the challenge and score gold rank:

  • First off, navigate to the top-left pen and split the large GUP into two medium ones, and have them follow you to the middle-left pen below the large center one.
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  • Split these two medium GUPs into four small ones and lure three of them to the bottom-right pen and one to the bottom-left pen.
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  • Then, go to the top-right pen and split the large GUP into two medium ones.
  • Lead them to the middle-left pen for victory.

Getting used to pulling off this routine quickly will land you a gold rank for this Providence Trial. Feel free to hit a single GUP to isolate it with the slow item if you need to separate them. Even though it’s tricky, there’s plenty of breathing room. Completing it with any rank will reward you with the GUP-inspired pink Miner skin.

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We hope this guide on how to get GUP sorting gold rank in Risk of Rain Returns has been helpful. For more RoRR guides like beginner tips or looping, check out our hub for the game here.

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