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Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock The Artifact of Spite

Here's how to unlock the Artifact of Spite in Risk of Rain Returns.

Artifacts can provide chaotic modifiers to your run that are extremely fun, and none is more explosive than Spite. Reaching it is easier than others, but easy is relative. If you’re intrigued, here’s how to unlock the Artifact of Spite in Risk of Rain Returns.

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Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock the Artifact of Spite

The Artifact of Spite makes it so enemies drop bombs upon death that can damage both you and other mobs. If the enemy is larger, then more bombs will spawn. Spite cranks up the chaos of fighting a horde of enemies to 11, as defeating the first one can cause an explosive chain reaction.

You can unlock it in the Sky Meadow level, otherwise known as the Field of Sprites. It’s one of the two possible areas for Level 2, so if you don’t get it, you can easily restart your run and try again.

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  • Go to the ground level of the map.
  • Search for a small hole in the ground as in the picture above. It’s usually in the lower-left part of the map, but not always.
  • While inside the hole, use any explosive ability like the Bandit’s dynamite, and you’ll be able to descend down a secret ladder/vine.
  • Once you’re at the bottom, navigate across the platforms to the left.
  • The Artifact of Spite will be on the final platform like the one in the picture below.
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If you don’t find the little hole in the ground, then you’re not in the right variation of the level, which can be tedious since you’ll have to come back again. Also, I recommend survivors like the Huntress, the Pilot, or the Loader due to their excellent mobility skills. They’ll help you in the platforming part of finding the artifact. Once you pick it up, it’ll be available in the next playthrough.

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How Does the Artifact of Spite Work

With the Artifact of Spite active, most smaller enemies will drop two or three bombs. However, larger enemies like the Elder Lemurian or the Colossus will drop drastically more to the point that your screen will be filled with explosives.

They can deal damage both to you and your allies and to the enemies. While these bombs can be used to your advantage, be careful: I was blown up in the fight with Providence by bombs from a dead Gilded Worm.

That’s how to unlock the Artifact of Spite in Risk of Rain Returns. For more helpful articles, check out our RoR Returns guides hub, where we cover topics like how to unlock the Artifact of Glass.

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