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Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock the Loader

Here's how to unlock the Loader in Risk of Rain Returns.

The Loader is one of the returning characters from the original game. He’s focused on melee combat and moving around the level with your grappling gauntlet. Here’s how to unlock the Loader in Risk of Rain Returns.

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Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock the Loader

The Loader is a heavy-hitting melee survivor with a unique ability to Spider-Man swing across levels. Indeed, his gauntlets can be fired like a grappling hook and attached to various surfaces. Furthermore, his shield grants invulnerability!

  • You can unlock The Loader by collecting 30 different items in a single run. He will be automatically available on your next run.
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This will take some effort, though: I sometimes fought against the final boss with only 20 items or so. How many items you have depends on how thorough you are with opening chests and other item-granting interactables. Usually, getting 30 unique items will involve going to the final level. There are numerous chests on Contact Light, especially in the keycard rooms.

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The Loader’s Abilities Detailed

While the Loader is primarily a melee character, he does have some options that allow him to damage enemies at range. His default skill kit includes the following abilities:

  • Knuckleboom: A three-hit combo that deals decent damage and knocks enemies up.
  • Debris Shield: Become invulnerable for a few seconds.
  • Hydraulic Gauntlet: Fire your gauntlet either in a straight line or upward. Then pull yourself to the target enemy or a wall.
  • M440 Conduit: Allows you to place two lightning rods at different locations. These create a surge of electricity between them, damaging enemies.

I highly recommend picking the Loader if you’re struggling with Providence, as his Debris Shield makes the fight almost trivial. Great placement of your lightning rods, along with knowing when to retreat as your Debris Shield wears off, is paramount for a successful Loader run. You can unlock more abilities for him in the Providence Trials.

Now you know how to unlock the Loader in Risk of Rain Returns. You can start swinging around the map punching and electrocuting anyone who opposes you. For more guides on the game or some beginner tips, click the link or check out our Risk of Rain Returns guides hub.

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