Skyrim: Thoron Missing Bug Fix

Is Thoron not spawning for you in Skyrim? Here's how to fix it.

Is Thoron not spawning for you in Skyrim? Here's how to fix it.

As part of the Saints & Seducers Creation Club DLC in Skyrim, players will need to find and defeat Thoron, the Mad Conjurer, though some people have had trouble executing that first step.

Upon reaching Thorn’s place of hiding, they have found that Thoron is nowhere in sight, leaving them unable to continue the questline. Unfortunately, console players facing this issue may be completely out of luck, but we can provide a potential fix for PC players.

How to Fix the Missing Thoron Bug

If Thoron is not where he is supposed to be, you don’t have much of a choice but to use console commands to bring him to the right place. It’s possible that by some glitch, Thoron has spawned elsewhere and can’t make his way to the correct area. Console commands are exclusive to the PC version, and this is why console players may not be able to resolve this.

To open the console, hit the tilde (~) button on your keyboard. This will bring up a text box for you to type in your commands, which you can submit by pressing “Enter”. The command you’re going to be using here is the “moveto” command, which will allow you to move referenced NPCs around.

In order to use this, you’ll need to set Thoron as your referenced NPC, so type in “prid xx000C3D” and submit that. That is Thoron’s reference ID, and now when you use the “moveto” command, it will move Thoron around. Type in “moveto player”, and voila, Thoron will be brought your way.

Defeating Thoron is essential to completing the Saints & Seducers questline, so it’s definitely worth executing these commands to bring him to you, if he doesn’t spawn as he should. We know it might feel cheaty to use commands, but it’s better than dooming yourself out of ever being able to finish this quest or obtain the Sword of Jyggalag. It’s also necessary for obtaining the note on Amber and Madness Smithing, which may come in handy. 

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