Skyrim Console Commands & Cheats List

Whether you're after a specific item, want to equip dragon shouts, or unlock all spells, this Skyrim console commands and cheats list will give you unlimited power.

Skyrim console commands (otherwise known as cheats) put all of the game's items, weapons, armor sets, spells, and functions at your fingertips. You could spend hours exploring and searching for these if you wanted, but if you're in a rush or jumping back into the game after a new release, then why not use console commands to speed things up?

This guide will list all of the console commands and cheats in Skyrim, including IDs, how to activate them, and their effects. 

Skyrim Console Commands and Cheats List

It is super easy to activate console commands in Skyrim. All you need to do is press the "~" (tilde) key on your keyboard during gameplay to start entering commands immediately.

Below is the list of general console commands and cheats in Skyrim:

unlock Unlocks a targeted item
tai Enables/disables all non-combat AI activity
dispelallspels Removes all spell and poison effects from the target
player.dispelallspells Removes all spell and poison effects from your character
tc Take control of a target NPC
tcai Enables/disables all combat AI activity
tcl Enables/disables free view mode
tdetect Enables/disables AI detection
teofis Increases FPS count by adjusting blur and contrast
tfow Enables/disables map fog
tg Enables/disables grass visibility
tgm Enables/disables god mode
tim Enables/disables immortal mode
tll Increases FPS count by disabling distant object rendering
tm Hides/shows GUI, including console
ts Increases FPS count by reducing sky effects
tscr Enables/disables global script processing
tt Enables/disables tree visibility
tws Enables/disables water visibility
twf Enables/disables wireframing
disable Hides selected target
enable Shows selected target
getlevel Displays the current level of selected target
player.getlevel Displays the current level of your character
markfordelete Deletes selected target
openactorcontainer 1
Opens an inventory of selected target
recycleactor Revives NPCs and restores containers
player.recycleactor Adds iron gear and weapons to your inventory
resetai Resets AI to default status
resetinventory Resets a targeted inventory to default status
sexchange Changes sex of selected target
player.sexchange Changes sex of your character
completeallqueststages Completes all quests in the game (may cause glitches)
startallquests Starts all quests in the game
showquesttargets Displays all quest IDs
advlevel Advances your character by 1 Level
toggleanimatorcam Enables/disables animator camera
playerspellbok Unlocks all spells and dragon shouts for your character
resethealth Sets the HP of selected target to default maximum
show1stperson Enables/disables first-person view
showinventory Shows the contents of selected target's inventory
clearscreenblood Removes all blood effects on the screen
killall Kills all inactive NPCs within close vicinity
purgecellbuffers Deletes all buffered inactive map cells
quitgame Closes the game
refreshini Applies all settings changes without reboot
saveini Saves all settings changes
showglobalvars Displays all global variables
showquestobjectives Displays all quest related objectives
toggleborders Enables/disables border cells


Here are the specific console commands and cheats for Skyrim that involve IDs and values. You can find all of them on the official Skyrim ID listings page.

additem [ID] [value]
Adds an item and its amount to selected target
player.additem [ID] [value]
Adds an item and its amount to your character
kill [ID]
Sets the HP of selected target to zero
resurrect [0/1]
Resurrects dead target (set 0 or 1 for inventory)
lock [value]
Locks selected target (set value of lock level)
setghost [0/1]
Makes target immune (set 0 or 1 to turn off or on)
duplicateallitems [ID]
Copies the inventory from target to NPC ID
equipitem [ID]
Equips target with selected item ID
player.equipitem [ID] Equips your character with selected item ID
equipspell [ID]
Equips target with a spell, power, potion ID
player.equipspell [ID] Equips your character with a spell, power, potion ID
equipshout [ID] Equips target with a dragon shout ID
player.equipshout [ID] Equips your character with a dragon shout ID
tfc [1]
Enables free camera
sucsm [value]
Controls the speed of the free camera
tmm [0/1]
Enables/disables map markers (0 - off, 1 - on)
restoreactorvalue [ID] [value]
Sets the amount of specific trait to a target
damageactorvalue [ID] [value] Removes the amount of specific trait from a target
getavinfo [ID]
Displays target's current trait value and more
getlocationcleared [ID]
Checks whether the location has been cleared
getrelationshiprank [ID]
Displays the level of relations of your character and target NPC ID
hasperk [ID]
Displays perk level of selected target
modav [ID] [value]
Adds trait value from target to NPC ID
player.modav Adds trait value from target to your character
moveto [ID]
Teleports your character to the location of NPC ID
playidle [ID]
Makes target perform animation ID
pushactoraway [ID] [value]
Pushes target away from NPC ID on a certain distance value
removeallitems [ID]
Clears entire inventory of NPC ID
setactoralpha [0-1]
Sets the transparency of target
getangle [x / y / z]
Displays the angle value of selected target
setangle [x / y / z] [0-360]
Sets the angle value of selected target
getpos [x / y / z] Displays the coordinates of selected target
setpos [x / y / z] [value]
Sets the coordinates of selected target
setav [ID] [value]
Sets the trait value to NPC ID
setessential [ID] [0/1]
Sets the essential role of NPC ID (0 - off, 1 - on)
setfavorstate [0/1]
Makes target do favors for you (0 - off, 1 - on)
setgs [ID] [value]
Sets game settings ID to specific value
setlocationcleared [ID] [0/1]
Gives location ID cleared status (0 - off, 1 - on)
setnpcweight [value]
Sets the weight of selected target
setownership [ID / ID]
Sets the ownership of NPC ID to faction ID
setrelationshiprank [ID] [value]
Sets the relationship value of your character to NPC ID
setscale [value]
Sets the size of selected target
setunconscious [0/1]
Makes target unconscious (0) or conscious (1)
shp [value]
Sets HDR shader configuration
sifh [0/1]
Sets if target gets damaged by your character
str [0-1]
Sets the transparency of selected target
unequipitem [ID]
Unequips selected item
completequest [ID]
Completes selected quest
getstage [ID]
Displays your current status on a selected quest
resetquest [ID]
Resets selected quest
setobjectivecompleted [ID] [ID] [0 / 1]
Sets whether on quest ID objective ID is completed (1) or not (0)
setstage [ID] [ID]
Teleports your character to quest ID stage ID
showquestvars [ID]
Displays all variables of selected quest
showqueststages [ID] Displays all stages of selected quest
addperk [ID]
Adds perk ID to target
addshout [ID] Adds dragon shout ID to target
addspell [ID] Adds spell ID to target
player.addperk [ID] Adds perk ID to your character
player.addshout [ID] Adds dragon shout ID to your character
player.addspell [ID] Adds spell ID to your character
advskill [ID] [value]
Adds specified amount of XP points to your selected skill ID
drop [ID] [value]
Removes item ID and specified amount from target inventory
fov [0-100]
Sets your field of view
incpcs [ID]
Adds one point to selected skill ID
playerenchantobject [ID] [ID]
Adds an item ID with enchantment ID to your inventory
removeitem [ID] [value]
Removes item ID and set amount from target
removeperk [ID]
Removes perk ID from target
removespell [ID]
Removes spell ID from target
player.removeitem [ID] [value] Removes item ID and set amount from your character
player.removeperk [ID] Removes perk ID from your character
player.removespell [ID] Removes spell ID from your character
setcrimegold [value] [ID]
Sets the amount of bounty to faction ID
setplayerrace [ID]
Changes the race of your character
spf [ID]
Saves your character's facial features to file ID
teachword [ID]
Adds word of power ID to your character
unlockword [ID]
Unlocks selected word of power
bat [ID]
Executes batch file ID
forceweather [ID]
Changes weather to selected one
getglobalvalue [ID]
Displays selected global value
getincell [ID]
Displays whether the target is within the cell ID
getpcmiscstat [ID]
Displays the value of misc. statistic ID
help [ID]
Displays all commands for selected ID
load [ID]
Loads specified save file ID
modpcmiscstat [ID] [value]
Adds a certain amount to misc. statistic ID
playercreatepotion [ID]
Adds specified potion to your inventory
pickrefbyid [ID]
Sets target on specified ID
removefromfaction [ID]
Removes target from faction ID
resetinterior [ID]
Resets the cell within the location ID
save [ID]
Saves game to specified file ID
set [ID] [value]
Sets global variable ID to certain value
sgtm [value]
Sets the speed the game runs at
showmessage [ID]
Displays specified message
centeronworld [ID] [x] [y]
Teleports your character to world name ID at specified coordinates
say [ID]
Forces selected target to perform dialogue ID


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