Sniper Elite 5: Best Attachments Tier List

Improve your weapon stats with the best attachments in Sniper Elite 5 using our tier list guide.

Improve your weapon stats with the best attachments in Sniper Elite 5 using our tier list guide.

Sniper Elite 5 offers deep customization for your weapons loadout, which includes a sniper rifle, a secondary weapon, and a pistol. All of these weapons can be modified using specific attachments, including scopes, barrels, muzzles, stocks, grips, and more.

This tier list attempts to rank some of the best attachments in Sniper Elite 5. You will also learn why some attachments fit sniper rifles more, while others are more effective on assault rifles and SMGs.

S-Tier Attachments

A5 Win and Co.
  • Type: Sniper Rifle Sight.

The most important thing about any sniper job is perfect visibility, when you can clearly see your target. Although this scope may not have the highest zoom at 5x, it has the cleanest visibility of all scopes in the game.

The A5 Win and Co. comes standard issue on the game’s best sniper rifles, and it’s one of the best for control and mobility, as well. The A1 and A2 Opticals may have 14x and 16x zoom, but you will likely only need those for long-long-range shots, such as in Mission 9. 

Lightened and Blued
  • Type: Sniper Rifle Barrel.

Almost all sniper rifles in the game have a slow rate of fire, which can be easily fixed with this barrel attachment. Lightened and Blue not only increases your rate of fire but also your aim time and equip time, which is just as important. Across all rifles capable of using this attachment, all benefit in those areas with a minimal increase to vertical recoil. 

Being able to fire faster in those times when stealth fails can save your life, especially if you are carrying something like the K98k. 

MK II Suppressor
  • Type: Sniper Rifle, SMG Muzzle.

Most sniper rifles in are very loud, and you will do yourself a favor by equipping a good suppressor, especially if you are a stealthier player.

The MK II model isn’t the quietest suppressor in Sniper Elite 5, but it does strike a nice balance between bullet drop rate and compromising on power, control, and mobility. Decreasing audible range by almost 60 meters in some cases is a good tradeoff. 

A-Tier Attachments

Leather Pad
  • Type: Sniper Rifle, SMG Stock.

Stability and handling play a huge role when it comes to precision shooting, especially if you’re aiming for headshots. That’s why adding a leather pad stock to your sniper rifle can strongly improve the success of your shots.

This attachment increases control by a good margin while only suffering a small dip in fire rate for all weapons it is available on. 

Short Travel Trigger
  • Type: Sniper Rifle Receiver.

This attachment can be of great help to beginners who find it hard to get every single shot right. The Short Travel Trigger increases the rate of fire on your weapon without sacrificing power, so if you’ve missed your mark the first time, it won’t take you too long to try and hit it again. 

Some other receivers dramatically reduce a gun’s power, putting you at a disadvantage in certain situations. This is by far the best receiver in the game. Unfortunately, it is only available on sniper rifles.

Iron Sights
  • Type: Sniper Rifle, SMG Sight

Most scopes in Sniper Elite 5 are designed with sniper rifles in mind, but if you need a scope for your secondary weapon, then Iron Sights would be the best choice. It won’t impress you with its 1x zoom, but you will notice that your aiming is much faster, which is very much needed when using an SMG or an assault rifle.

All sights for secondary weapons reduce control and mobility too much for the increased zoom to pay off. Though it is not entirely logical to put the sight on a sniper rifle, all gain increases to control and mobility and could be useful for players using a run-and-gun style. With the new ability to toggle your aiming perspective, iron sights have their place in Sniper Elite.

B-Tier Attachments

M84 or ZF39
  • Type: Sniper Rifle Sight.

Some players may prefer a more flexible variant of a scope, such as M84 (Allied weapons) or ZF39 (Axis weapons), that allows them to use different zoom modes and a generally higher rate of zoom, up to 12x in this case.

Do note that the M84 sight has very poor visibility in comparison to A5 sight, and your aiming speed will suffer as well. However, the ZF39 has increased visibility, making it a great option for those using the K98k.

Magazine Pouch
  • Type: Sniper Rifle, SMG Stock

This attachment can serve you well on your secondary weapon, as it decreases your reload time with only a small sacrifice to control. But it is not recommended to use on your sniper rifle, since it reduces aim stability, something you likely do not want to sacrifice for faster reloads.

If you want to increase your aim stability on your rifle, then use the Wooden Pad or Leather Pad instead.

Thick Grip Tape
  • Type: Foregrip

The last attachment on our list is once again recommended for secondary weapons due to its improved spread accuracy. It increases the stat on sniper rifles as well, but spread accuracy is not worth choosing over aim stability.

This may not play a huge role in close combat, but when you need to shoot your mark further away, then it can be of considerable importance.

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