Pick only the best weapons for your loadout using our tier list guide for Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5: Best Weapons Tier List

Pick only the best weapons for your loadout using our tier list guide for Sniper Elite 5.

Every loadout in Sniper Elite 5 consists of three weapons: a sniper rifle, an assault rifle or an SMG, and a pistol. Since there are 22 weapons in total, it can be difficult to decide which are the best ones.

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This tier list attempts to list the best weapons in Sniper Elite 5. It will outline their biggest advantages and weaknesses, as well as their preferable attachments.

S-Tier Weapons


  • Audible Range: 128 m
  • Zoom: 8x
  • Magazine: 6

Out of all sniper rifles in Sniper Elite 5, the SREM-1 is the most balanced and universal rifle. It has extremely low bullet drop, albeit with a slightly slower rate of fire than some other models. However, it packs a heavy punch without any attachments, controls well, and provides fairly good mobility. You could go with the M1A Carbine here, but none of the attachments give that gun the same power-to-other-stat ratios. 

The SREM-1 is an excellent weapon for stealthy gameplay, too, especially if you add a suppressor to the mix; the MAXIN 1910 is a good choice for reducing decibels. The 8x base zoom is more than enough to deal with most long-range targets, and the only thing that could see some improvement is the magazine size.

Overall, the SREM-1 can be used at any stage of the game to great effect, even with minimum attachments. The SREM-1 is automatically unlocked at the start of the game. 

Machine Pist.44

  • Audible Range: 100 m
  • Zoom: 1x
  • Magazine: 30

The best secondary weapon is another all-rounder: the Machine Pist.44, an upgraded version of the Machine Pist.40 model, which has more control and mobility than the 44 but far less power and range. 

What really sets this assault rifle apart from the rest is its ability to hit targets equally well at close and long ranges. It has a very low bullet drop rate, which is excellent for hitting distant targets, and its iron sight makes lining up targets a breeze. 

A suppressor like the HUB L41 is a good choice if going for stealth because it reduces the audible range by 5 without sacrificing power. The standard magazine of 30 bullets will get most jobs done while adding something like the Lightened Bolt receiver increases the rate of fire with minimal negative effects. 

A-Tier Weapons


  • Audible Range: 33 m
  • Zoom: 1x
  • Magazine: 7

The M1911 is a borderline S-tier weapon and one of the best pistols in the game, especially considering you begin with it alongside the Welrod. Taking out guards at close range is better with a pistol than a rifle, and that’s why having a good third weapon is so important in Sniper Elite 5. The Model D is a good second choice, but you won’t unlock it until later in the game and it’s considerably less powerful even without a silencer (though its bullets can slice through helmets). 

Attachments like the Overpressure Power barrel increase power and reduce bullet drop in the M1911, and its .22 stealth conversion makes it a no-brainer for those going for pure stealth runs, even if it greatly reduces power. Overall, most attachments just make the M1911 better. 


  • Audible Range: 162 m
  • Zoom: 8x
  • Magazine: 5

The M1903 may be one of the louder rifles in Sniper Elite 5 behind the RSC 1918 and K98k, but that can be easily fixed with a good suppressor, like the Moore-1, which actually increases power and little loss to control and mobility. Overall, it is one of the better options you have when it comes to long-range shooting.

It has a slower fire rate than SREM-1 and fewer bullets in the magazine, but its precision and damage output are more than enough to deliver one headshot after another with deadly accuracy, especially if you add attachments such as the short carbine barrel, HAL-CON 43 muzzle, and rubber buttplate. As with other rifles, any Boys Break will increase power or accuracy but at the cost of audible range.

M1A1 Gov

  • Audible Range: 120 m
  • Zoom: 1x
  • Magazine: 20

If you’re looking for a high-damage weapon with relatively low noise along the lines of the MP-44, then this SMG can be a great choice, especially for beginners. It has a very high rate of fire with better base control and mobility than the 44. 

The M1A1 Gov has a relatively small standard magazine, which needs improvement, and adding the 50-round drum doesn’t take too much away from control or mobility, making it a good option. Like with the 44, the best strategy is to shoot in short bursts for better control, and since the damage from this .45 caliber is quite significant, if you’re precise, you don’t need more than a few bullets to put your target down.

You can further improve it with the Lightweight x2 stock and almost any rear or fore grip attachment for better handling at close range.

B-Tier Weapons

Type 14 Nambu

  • Audible Range: 65 m
  • Zoom: 1x
  • Magazine: 8

This Japanese pistol is not as powerful as the M1911, but it gives your character a speed of movement bonus, which can play a significant role at certain stages of the game. Its mobility rating is almost maxed out in its standard form. 

It has weak damage but is incredibly quiet even without a suppressor at a 65-meter range. Add something like the SS suppressor to get it down to an incredible 24-meter audible range, perfect for stealth runs. What the gun loses in mobility with that attachment can be added back with the Quick-Draw Grip.

M1A Carbine

  • Audible Range: 105 m
  • Zoom: 8x
  • Magazine: 15

M1A Carbine is another solid choice for stealthy sniping. It may not have the best range or damage, but it is one of the quietest sniper rifles in the game as it also has a high rate of fire and is easy to control.

Another remarkable feature of this rifle is the magazine size, which accommodates 15 rounds. This is why you can use the Small Overpressure Magazine attachment on M1A in order to increase its damage output by sacrificing some of its magazine space.

You can use this rifle in close combat without the scope, and it will be as effective as any secondary weapon. At the same time, you can deal headshots with the native sight, if your target doesn’t stand further than 150 meters. 

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Those are the best weapons in Sniper Elite 5. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Sniper Eilte 5 tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

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