Sniper Elite 5 Occupied Residence: Mission 2 Collectibles and Starting Locations

Here's where to find all of the collectibles in Occupied Residence, Sniper Elite 5's second mission.

Here's where to find all of the collectibles in Occupied Residence, Sniper Elite 5's second mission.
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There are 19 more collectibles and two additional starting locations to find and unlock in Sniper Elite 5‘s Occupied Residence. The guide below shows you where to find all of Mission 2’s classified documents, personal letters, stone eagles, and hidden items. Like the antiques you’ll need for a secondary objective, most can be found in the Chateau itself, though there are some hiding in the surrounding areas. 

As with our Atlantic Wall collectibles guide, we’ll go counterclockwise around the map, from right to left. This guide also contains a few mild story spoilers, but we’ve tried to keep that to a minimum. You can also go ahead and crush Kummler with the chandelier, but read this guide for how to do it correctly.

*Note: the map below says personal items when it should say hidden items.

Occupied Residence Collectibles and Starting Locations

Orders of the Day (Classified Document 1)

From the Forest Clearing starting location, go up the right side of the map and to the patrol in the Woodland Ford marked by the blue icon. Kill the Nazis here and go up the embankment to the right of the MG42 emplacement. You’ll see a small shack with crates stacked around it. This piece of intel is on a crate in the middle stack.

Note: Orders of the Day can also be found on a crate on the south side of the central bridge leading to the Chateau; the crate is east of (right of) the MG42 emplacement in this area. It can also be found on a desk in Kummler’s office.

Immediate Request for Attic Repairs (Classified Document 2)

Continue up the right side of the map, through the forest, and to the Chateau Stables just southeast of the Chateau gardens. Go into the northeastern building with the Waffenkammer sign on it that abuts the road. Pick this document up off the table on the left side of the building, the same table with the bolt cutters and Old Tunnels Key.

Note: You can also find this stapled to the door near the Group Statuette (below), the same room that gives you attic access to Moeller’s Office.

Pistol Workbench

Take the armory key off of the officer in the same area to find this workbench in the armory beyond the door by the table with the previous intel.

New Orders, Effective Immediately (Classified Document 3)

This classified document is behind the pistol workbench on a table. Note: I also found this document on a table on the first floor of the farmhouse in the northwestern section of the map w/ the SMG workbench. I also found it at the checkpoint at the Chateau’s main (south/central) entrance on a crate by the tent and parked vehicle.

Stone Eagle 1

From the Chateau Stables, look north/northwest toward the Chateau itself. Just northeast of the gardens and the gazebo, you’ll two buildings with high-peaked roofs attached to each other. The stone eagle is on the peak of the closest roof.

Chateau Stables Starting Location

There is an encampment with a handful of green tents across the road north of the chateau stables. Find the campfire for this starting location just barely north of those tents, on the eastern side by a stone wall and small iron gate.

Soldier Statuette Antique (Hidden Item 1) and Good Plan, Let’s Do It (Personal Letter 1)

Go through the chateau gardens toward the building with the stone eagle. Kill the sniper in the tower and search his body for this hidden item. Then find Good Plan, Let’s Do It on a small trunk on the left side of the tower with the sniper and soldier statuette.

Rifle Workbench

Go into the Chateau Cellars to find an armory and the rifle workbench. The cellars can be reached from three different areas:

  • The tunnel leading from the northern edge of the forest through a wine cellar, then by a bridge into the cellar.
  • A ramp leading down on the southern end of the main estate courtyard.
  • A stairway off of the ballroom.

Brother, I Have a Plan (Personal Letter 2) and Group Statuette Antique (Hidden Item 2)

Go up to the third floor of the chateau estate (you can find a dark, narrow stairwell up from the second floor; it’s in the middle of the north edge of the chateau on the map). Go in the first room on the right to find this personal letter on a table. The Group Statuette hidden item is in the crate to the left of the letter.

Renovations Completed (Classified Document 4)

This classified document is part of the main objective. It is found on a desk in Moller’s office. 

Operation Kraken and Grateful Thanks (Classified Documents 5 + 6) 

Operation Kraken is found on a small desk in the right backside portion of the secret room in Moller’s Office. Grateful Thanks is found on a table under a portrait on the left side of the secret room.

Do Not Fail Me, Nephew (Personal Letter 3)

From Moller’s Office, go right and into the first room on the left (Kummler’s Office). This letter is on the personal marble desk to the left when you enter. Orders of the Day is on the bureau in front of you when you walk in if you haven’t already picked it up.

Need a Scapegoat (Personal Letter 4) and Old Man Statuette Antique (Hidden Item 3)

From Moller’s Office, go left toward the northwestern end of the Chateau. Go into the second door on the left, then immediately right into a bedroom. This letter is on a trunk at the foot of the bed.

Interact with the portrait on the left side of the bed in the same room to reveal a safe with the hidden item antique inside.

SMG Workbench

Exit the Chateau via the northwestern side. Go through the orchards to the west until you reach a farmhouse near the river. Go into the attic by way of the vines on the northwestern side of the farmhouse for the SMG workbench.

Stone Eagle 2

Exit the farmhouse and go to the bridge by the checkpoint (just south of the farmhouse). Look southeast to find this stone eagle perched on a stone wall ruin on the cliffside. It’s in front of a tree with red leaves and to the left of a tree with pink flowers.

Stone Eagle 3

Cross the bridge. Stop on the other side and look straight ahead (west/southwest) to find this eagle perched on a chimney on the farmhouse in front of you.

Munitions Farmhouse Starting Location

Open the wooden farm gate behind the farmhouse found north/northwest of the previous stone eagle. It’s on the northwestern boundary of the map. 

And there you have it: all of the collectibles and starting locations in Occupied Residence, Sniper Elite 5‘s second mission. Consider also checking out our walkthroughs for Spy Academy and War Factory. For even more guides leading to the game’s intel, stone eagles, and workbenches, head right over here

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