Sons of the Forest: How to Duplicate Infinite Items

In case you're wondering, here's how to item dupe in Sons of the Forest.

In case you're wondering, here's how to item dupe in Sons of the Forest.
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Knowing how to duplicate infinite items in Sons of the Forest circumvents some of the survival-horror game’s fundamental mechanics. You can dupe infinite numbers of essential materials found in crates and caches, making your existence on the island slightly more straightforward if you’re so inclined. Here’s how it works. 

Sons of the Forest Infinite Item Dupe Explained

The Sons of the Forest infinite item dupe hinges on saving and reloading your game, and is less involved than spawning logs over and over. It’s hard to tell if this is actually a glitch or an intended design choice that may change during Early Access; it’s a bit different than some of the duplication bugs reported here.

Nevertheless, items infinitely respawn every time you load into a saved game. This includes items in crates and caches, in Tents, and on the ground. I’ve tested this several times at various locations, including the encampment where you find the Modern Axe and the Flashlight location

How Item Duplication Works

Here’s how to dupe items in Sons of the Forest:

  • Find a location with the items you want.
  • Collect all the items you can carry in your inventory from the location.
  • Save your game at a nearby Tent or Bed (or build a simple Tent yourself).
  • Quit out to the main menu. 
  • Reload your save. 

All of the items will respawn, letting you collect them again. Then rinse and repeat until you can’t carry anything else. You won’t necessarily have to 3D print items or manually craft them if you don’t want to.

This is a great way to collect massive quantities of C4 explosives, Flares, Grenades, MREs, or any other hard-to-find item. Of course, it also drastically lowers the difficulty of Sons of the Forest and essentially breaks the game. Still, part of the fun of survival games is eventually playing how you want to (though it’s probably best to experience the game as it’s intended for at least a little while). 

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to continuously reproduce certain items like Feathers, which you’ll still have to collect manually. 

But that’s how to duplicate infinite items in Sons of the Forest. It’s very possible this exploit will change throughout the course of development, but it exists for now for those that want to take advantage of it, if for nothing else to focus on base building or other parts of the game without worry. For more, such as a list of all console commands, head over to our guides hub for Sons of the Forest.

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