Trees are useful for building bases in Sons of the Forest, so it can be helpful to know how the tree regrowth mechanic works.

Sons of the Forest: Tree Regrowth Mechanic Explained

Trees are useful for building bases in Sons of the Forest, so it can be helpful to know how the tree regrowth mechanic works.

The tree regrowth mechanic in Sons of the Forest is perhaps one of the most important systems in the game. Trees are highly useful for building shelters, bases, and defenses on the island, and how trees regrow is fairly simple if a bit confusing at times. Here’s how things work in the current Early Access build of the game as of March 17, 2023. 

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Of course, the tree regrowth mechanic in Sons of the Forest could change as more Hotfixes, patches, and updates are added to the game throughout development. We’ll update this guide as necessary to reflect any of those potential changes. 

How Trees Regrow in Sons of the Forest

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We already know that cutting down trees results in logs that can be used in a number of crafting recipes and blueprints. But when do trees grow back for more resources?

As long as there’s a stump left for the tree, it will regrow in about a week of in-game time.

Because of this, you can harvest all the lumber you need without worrying about losing your resources as long as you don’t get rid of the stump.

Naturally, you’ll probably want to clear out an area for building a base, and that can lead to removing stumps since the trees are relatively dense in most locations.

But you don’t need to worry too much about clearing out some space for yourself. Just make sure that you don’t end up cutting down too many trees and making your journey to get lumber in the future unnecessarily long.

If you’re playing the game with others in multiplayer, the tree regrowth mechanic doesn’t actually matter too much. That’s because you can dupe an infinite number of logs using these methods

As of right now, that’s how the Sons of the Forest tree regrowth mechanic works in the current version of the game. You can find more content in our Sons of the Forest guides hub, including topics like how to get the crucial Shovel or the Pistol locations.

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