Spider-Man 2: Can You Replay Missions? Answered

Let's see whether you can replay missions in Spider-Man 2.

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Spider-Man 2 is a big game and with so many exciting missions players are wondering if replaying missions is possible. So let’s answer the question of “Can you replay missions in Spider-Man 2?”

Can You Replay Missions in Spider-Man 2?

The answer to this question is yes and no. No, there isn’t an innate replay feature that allows you to replay missions from the main menu. However, you can go the old fashioned route and reload older saves to play through missions again.

Essentially, if you have created a manual save at the beginning of every mission, you can virtually replay through each one. However, there’s no mission selection feature to speak of. I found this out the hard way, wanting to go back and do a previous segment using the Symbiote Suit but didn’t have either a manual or auto save to use to go back.

If you haven’t been manually saving for each mission, you’ll have to replay the game either from the start or in the special New Game Plus mode to be released in the future if you want to replay certain parts of the game.

Will There Be a Replay Mission Feature in Spider-Man 2?

The neat part about Insomniac Games is that they’re highly active on Twitter through their Community Manager, James Stevenson. You might be interested to know that James confirmed certain features for future updates of the game.

Stevenson confirmed that there will be a New Game Plus mode, a Replay Mission feature, and a “Change time of day and weather” feature. In fact, the NG+ will be available before the end of the year. Hopefully, the same goes for the replay feature as it would be great if we could explore previous missions with different characters and suits.

The question of whether can you replay missions in Spider-Men 2 is an important one as there are some great missions out there that need to be enjoyed more than once. We can only wait for Insomniac to implement the feature or simply make a habit of manually saving before each mission. Either way, if you’re interested in more guides on the game, check out our Spider-Man 2 hub.

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