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Spider-Man 2: How to Fix Galvanize Not Working Bug

Learn how to fix Galvanize not working bug in Spider-Man 2.

While playing as Miles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you may have come across a nasty glitch with the Galvanize ability prompt freezing and not allowing you to progress. Here’s how to fix Galvanize not working bug in Spider-Man 2.

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How to Fix Galvanize Not Working Bug in Spider-Man 2

Numerous players have reported playing as Miles and having their Galvanize prompt freeze the game as the symbiote-like enemies are charging them. In fact, this has also happened to me and it seems to be a weird bug that Insomniac will hopefully fix in the next patch. When impacted by this bug, you’ll receive the L1+X command prompt for the ability, but the ability doesn’t work on press and you’re stuck standing there.

Since this is a problem with the UI prompt, the trick to fix the bug is in the following steps:

  • Reload the game from the closest autosave checkpoint.
  • Start rapidly pressing L1+X as soon as the game loads.
  • This’ll activate Galvanize before the game issues the prompt, thus preventing freezing.

You’ll probably miss the ability this time, which happened to me since the enemies start charging farther back in the room but that’s okay. The important part is that the game won’t freeze up. I effectively used Galvanize later once it came off cooldown.

What is Galvanize, and Why is it Bugged?

Galvanize is one of Miles’ abilities where he uppercuts an enemy into the air with his bioelectric powers. The move allows for high-damage follow-ups and some AoE damage. Notably, the bug doesn’t seem to relate to the actual move.

Instead, the UI of the Galvanize prompt is glitched. Once it appears, it simply freezes your game and doesn’t allow you to perform the move. That’s why executing Galvanize before the prompt fixes the issue.

With the bugged part of the mission behind you, now you can get back to fighting the small horde of enemies surrounding you. We hope this tip on how to fix Galvanize not working bug in Spider-Man 2 was helpful. For more helpful articles on the game, visit our Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 guides page.

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