Starfield: Best Items to Sell

These are the best items to sell if you need credits in Starfield.

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Just like any other Bethesda game, there are loads of items you can pick up to sell later on in Starfield. A hoarders dream, you can grab a tissue box, a tablet, and a weapon all in the same room. Every item isn’t made equal, however, as some are worth substantially more than others. Here are the best items to sell in Starfield to make some extra money.

Best Items to Sell in Starfield

There are a number of categories items fall into, the main ones we want to get items in are:

  • Weapons
  • Spacesuits
  • Helmets
  • Packs
  • Aid
  • Notes
  • Contraband

It may seem like there are a number of looting options with such a wide array of categories, but each comes with its own caveat.

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Just like any other game, there are some good weapons and there are some bad weapons. You want to avoid looting common weapons unless you are just starting the game. Focus on any uncommon and higher rarity guns or melee choices for the most bang for your buck. These can take up a lot of carry weight quickly so you need to prioritize the highest value.

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Spacesuits, Helmets, Packs

Since these items are typically found together, I am going to go over them as one unit. Just like with weapons you want to focus on the rarer items, but that’s not all. Some packs offer a variety of uses, including Boost. Those, even common ones, tend to sell for a higher amount. Paying attention to the listed value is key here.

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If you’ve played any Fallout game you know chems sell for good money. Chems in Starfield are no different. The rarer the chem, the better the price. They don’t take up a lot of weight and can often be found on Spacers and pirates. Check around any overtaken mining operation or lab as there’s sure to be some laying around. If you’re upgrading your Chemistry skill you can even make the higher valued chems at a Pharmaceutical Workbench to turn a profit.

Another item I typically sell off is alcohol. There are a number of different alcoholic beverages you can loot, bottled, boxed or in a pouch. They grant a number of effects, with the most common being a boost to your Persuasion. I don’t tend to use these, but they’re common enough that selling the high quantity can make you some decent money.

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Books are lightweight and sell for a high price. Moby Dick, Neon Gang Culture, and more can sell for a significant value. This also doesn’t decrease as much as other items when hawking them to vendors.

Planetary Survey slates sell for the most money, especially if they have rare resources or are inhabitable. You can sell them to a variety of people, including Phil Hill with L.I.S.T. They weight just about nothing and can often be completed quickly, depending on the planet. I suggest at least scanning every planet and moon in a system when you first get there, just in case some of them can be completed from space.


If you’re playing dirty, have joined the Crimson Fleet, or just want to sell everything you possibly can, contraband offers a significantly higher payout than regular items. Aurora, Stolen Artwork, or Xenowarfare Tech are lighter than weapons and spacesuits, and sell for a high value. The caveat here is you need a Shielded Cargo Bay and Scan Jammers to not get caught when entering a system to sell your goods.

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What Not to Loot

In my experience as a “loot everything” player, there’s a whole lot of items not worth picking up in Starfield. If you’re looking to sell your Miscellaneous items for cash, it’s better to save that space for something else. Items like Hydraulic Clamp, Nautical Compass, Earwig Decoration, and more may say they have a high value. At the beginning of the game, however, those end up selling for under 50 credits each time. They often weigh more than their chem or book counterparts and offer less in return. Unlike the Fallout franchise, you can’t scrap miscellaneous items for parts, so picking them up is essentially useless.

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The exception to this is if you’re looking for a specific item, say Zero Wire, to finish a research project. The purpose of picking that up is different, so the expectation is different. If you’re simply looking to flip a profit, there’s other options to focus on.

Those are the best items to sell in Starfield. There’s a large list of items worth selling, as well as a lot of junk that’s ready to take up space. Being diligent in what you loot is the easiest way to make credits when it comes to selling items. For more tips and tricks among the stars, check out our cargo hold of guides.

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