Starfield: How to Complete the In Memoriam Romance Quest

The In Memoriam quest is the final hurdle in romancing Sarah Morgan in Starfield. Here's how to complete it.

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The Starfield In Memoriam quest is the last major hurdle to finishing Sarah Morgan’s romance path. It has some surprising difficulty spikes near its end. The whole thing should take around a half hour to an hour, depending on how much exploring you do. But the quest is fairly linear otherwise. Here’s how to complete the In Memoriam romance quest in Starfield.

How to Complete the In Memoriam Romance Quest in Starfield

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You’ll start the In Memoriam romance quest immediately after you agree to help Sarah find her crew on Cassiopeia. Before you can set off, you must meet Sarah’s old commanding officer, Admiral Logan. You’ll find him in the MAST building on New Atlantis on the Central Command/Office of the President/Systems Defense floor.

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The conversation with the Admiral doesn’t have any make-or-break responses. Just support Sarah’s wishes, and things should be fine. Once the Admiral gives his blessing, you can officially head to Cassiopeia.

  • If you have the bug that doesn’t show the right quest marker on your minimap or star map, you’ll find the system in the top right of the star map under its official name, Eta Cassiopeia.
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How to Complete the Cassiopeia Section of In Memoriam

Go to Cassiopeia I and the landing zone with Sarah’s lost ship, the Dauntless. Don’t worry about any environmental hazards, as Cassiopeia I is a temperate planet. The larger threat is the highly aggressive creatures, several of which you’ll need to fight over the course of the quest. Use your Scanner to mark the downed ship. Head there.

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Once you reach the location, you’ll see Sarah’s Crash Site location pop up on your screen. Rather than go straight into the nearby pod, wait for Sarah to catch up and speak with her. She’ll direct you to a nearby plateau where you can find a power cell to energize the pod and help find where the remains of the Dauntless.

Rather than trying to climb up to the plateau, follow a path around the cliff face to the top. You should eventually reach another location that shares Sarah’s Crash Site location marker. The Dauntless Power Cell will be sitting upright on a nearby couch.

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Picking the power cell up will cause several high-level monsters to spawn. You can kill them, but be careful. These Stonewalker Stalkers hit like trucks, and there are three of them in a very small area. I recommend taking the fight someplace with more space. If you die like I did and didn’t recently save, you’ll have to start this whole section over.

Next, head into Sarah’s pod, replace the power cell, and open the computer nearby. You’re looking for Telemetry Data, specifically Object Beta, which gives you the location of the UC Dauntless Escape Shuttle 2, your destination elsewhere on Cassiopeia.

Travel to the new Ship exploration point from the planet map, then open your scanner to find the nearby shipwreck. Travel there. Just beyond the wreck should be a small opening in the cliffs and a makeshift campsite with another escape pod.

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Inside is the last “survivor” of the Dauntless, a young girl named Sona. After threatening you with her weapon and being talked down, Sona accepts your presence for the moment. Sarah will send you to a nearby graveyard to collect the Dauntless crew’s genetags.

  • Here’s where things get tricky, especially if you have the quest marker bug. The easiest way to find the graveyard is to have the In Memoriam quest selected and keep your scanner open.

The graveyard is up on a hill overlooking a clearing filled with strange plants that shake the ground when you approach them. You’ll find most of the genetags on the makeshift gravestones on the cliff, but one will be missing. Collect the nine you can now to spawn a massive boss monster. I was around Level 30 when I completed this quest, so my boss was a Level 45 Greater Silverfish.

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Use the best weapons in your arsenal to take the boss down. It has a ton of health and four health bars. Fast-firing weapons with solid damage is your best bet, but good burst-damage explosives also work great. Once it’s dead, loot the corpse for the final genetag.

Return to Sona and Sarah, who are arguing whether to let Sona stay on Cassiopeia or bring her back to New Atlantis with you. There are no persuasion checks here, but you’ll need to choose responses that convince Sona to join you. The ones I chose were:

  • If you stay here alone, you’ll never be able to start a new family.
  • Even from far away, they’ll always be in your heart.

Sona will decide it’s best to come with you, and then Sarah will want to chat with you. The overlook is halfway up the ramp leading to Sona’s pod and looking out over the forest. Keep the conversation positive and take the Flirt option when it appears.

At this point, you can return to New Atlantis and report to Admiral Logan. During that conversation, select the “This mission wasn’t for us. It was for the soldiers who owned these genetags” response for a bit more companion progress.

Final Steps of In Memoriam in Starfield

Head back to the Lodge to check on Sona if you brought her with you. She’ll be excited to start a new life not surrounded by flesh-eating monsters. Your final task of In Memoriam is to go to the Colony War Memorial and give Sara a chance to reconcile with her past one last time. Give her time and space, then lead her to the Waterfall Promenade, where you can either swear your love to each other or back off the relationship into pure friendship territory.

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Whichever you decide, how to complete the In Memoriam romance quest in Starfield. There’s one additional step to completing Sarah Morgan’s romance path: committing to the relationship. You’ll need to wait for her to talk to you about a chat she had with her estranged mother, at which point you can either slow the role or dive headlong into the relationship. For more, including its romance options, check out our guides on how to romance Sam Coe, the best items to sell, and more in our guides hub for the game.

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