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Starfield: How to Find Your Parents (Kid Stuff Trait)

Here's how to find your parents after choosing the Kid Stuff trait in Starfield.

Starfield offers a ton of interesting paths to choose from when you first create a character. You can be from the mean streets of Neon. You can be a religious spacefarer. Or you can be the child of some fun-loving parents who mooch off all your success pillaging and working throughout the galaxy. If that last one sounds like you, and you want to know where all your hard-earned cash is going, here’s how to find your parents in Starfield.

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How to Find Your Parents in Starfield

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Before you get to finding your parents, make sure you choose Kid-Stuff as your trait when creating a character. This generates a good old mom and dad for your character and gives you access to finding your parents.

Once you’ve done this, make your way to New Atlantis. This happens naturally after completing the first few quests of the game. This is the location of Constellation, the group you join during the main quest. The quests you need to complete are:

After you’ve arrived, you’ll get a notification that your father would like to meet with you at Pioneer Tower. Luckily, Pioneer Tower is located in New Atlantis. It’s found in the Residential District. If you’re having trouble, you can either follow the waypoint or travel to the back of the area. You’ll see a giant Pioneer Tower sign where the building is located.

  • If you meet with your father there, you’ll find the location of your parent’s home and be able to visit them at any point throughout the game.
  • If you ignore his request, you’ll receive a note while at Constellation that your parents are worried about you.

Parents in Starfield are an interesting addition. They can provide you with unique gear and storage space and have plenty to say regarding your activities throughout the galaxy. Your relationship with them can sour if you don’t treat them with respect as well. They also have the tendency to pop up at random times throughout your adventure (kind of like the Adoring Fan). Always be on the lookout to see if Mom and Dad are snooping on your activities.

That’s how to find your parents in Starfield. The Kid Stuff trait is a great one, but it’s far from the only option. If you’re like me and create multiple characters and want to know what paths the other traits lead you down, check out our Starfield guides for more information.

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