Starfield: How to Make an Aurora Farm

Having a steady supply of Aurora can be expensive in Starfield unless you set up a farm. In this guide we'll go over how to do just that.

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If you’re trying to make Aurora consistently in Starfield, you may find yourself spending loads of credits just to get all the ingredients. Thankfully, there are other methods of obtaining the chem. While still an effort, having a central outpost to make the substance is more cost efficient in the long run than buying it or the ingredients. Here’s how to make an Aurora farm in Starfield.

How to Make an Aurora Farm in Starfield

Aurora is the only chem in the game labeled as contraband. With a tight grip on its production, Benjamin Bayu rules Neon City. However, there are multiple ways to get Aurora aside from buying it at the different bars in the city. You can find it at various Crimson Fleet locations, such as Sonny Di Falco’s or the Ecliptic base Vulture’s Roost. You may find it for sale on The Key. None of these are consistent ways to get the item.

The most steady and dependable method of obtaining Aurora is to farm the ingredients and make it yourself at a Pharmaceutical Lab. Your base of operations will be an outpost near Neon City, so you can freely obtain Chasmbass Oil and create Aurora afterwards.

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How to Get Hallucinogen and Stimulant

First, you’ll need to locate planets that contain Hallucinogen, Stimulant, and Benzene. Both Hallucinogen and Stimulant can be found on Beta Ternion II, and will need the Cargo Link – Intersystem module to send the resources to Volii Alpha.

How to Get Benzene

For Benzene, you can find it right where you started the game, on Vectera. Since it’s in the same system, a regular Cargo Link module will do the trick.

How to Get Chasmbass Oil

Once you have those resources sent to your Neon outpost, you’ll need to gather Chasmbass Oil. Currently, the only way to get this item for free is by boosting off the Underbelly near one of the massive legs that holds up Neon City. When you reach the base, you’ll be able to scan for Chasmbass. Pick them off with a ranged weapon, then swim out to collect the oil. Each fish drops one oil, so you may need to wait a bit to reach a substantial amount.

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From there you can create Aurora at the lab, then sell it throughout Neon City. The Trade Authority, Madame Sauvauge’s, and Euphorika will happily accept the contraband. Hatchet, of the Ebbside Strikers, will also take it off your hands.

That’s how to make an Aurora farm in Starfield. If you’re looking to roleplay as a drug dealer, just like the risk of making contraband, or want all the credits you possibly can, this is something for you to look into. For other ways to make money, how to sell contraband, or quest walkthroughs, check out our expansive guide library for assistance.

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