Starfield: What is the Vanguard Motto?

You'll need to know the UC Vanguard motto if you want to join them.

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If you decide to join the UC Vanguard in Starfield, you’ll be pushed along a quest chain that leads up to one titled “Delivering Devils.” You’ll meet Lou Saavedra in this quest, but won’t just let you into the Vanguard. He has a couple of questions for you. Luckily, they’re not too tough. We’ll give the answers to both of his questions in this guide, including what the UC Vanguard motto is in Starfield.

The Answers to Lou Saavedra’s Questions in Starfield

As stated, Lou Saavedra has two questions for you before he considers you for Vanguard membership. One question is: “What is the Vanguard motto?” The other is: “What grade did you get in your entrance exam? A, B, C, or D?” You’ve got to answer both questions to progress into the Vanguard, so you’ll want to answer them correctly.

What Is the Vanguard Motto?

The UC Vanguard motto is generally presented in Latin as Supra et Ultra, but who even knows Latin? Chances are you aren’t fluent in a dead language, so here’s the answer to this question: “Above and Beyond.”

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What Grade Did You Get in Your Entrance Exam?

Can you remember the grade you got in your entrance exam to the UC Vanguard? Well, can you? No, no you can’t! Because the Vanguard entrance exam isn’t graded like that, and that’s the answer you’ve got to give him. If you recall, the UC Vanguard simulation graded you in tiers rather than school-style lettering.

That’s all you need to know about how to answer Lou Saaverdra’s questions and what the Vanguard motto is. Check out some of our other Starfield guides, such as our guide to Starfield‘s console commands, where to find the Red Mile, or how to get the Narwhal.

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