Stay in the Line Guide to Improving Your Score

Guide to staying in the line and increasing your chances of not hitting those walls.
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Rising to the top of the app store, Stay in the Line is a simple and compelling game to play. The concept is easy, just keep the moving dot within the bent, curved, and angled lines. 

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There are a few ways to make your life a little easier when playing this game. One being that you need patience. 

Being Patient 

Moving along the trails, the dot seems to move a lot faster than it really is so make sure to keep your finger ready to slide but don’t swipe before it’s time. To help keep your self from moving too fast, focus on the part of your screen where your finger is and it helps to get into a rhythm.

Keep your finger on the screen!

Keeping your finger on the screen not only saves time but also makes you more accurate in deciding which way to swipe. If you lift your finger at all then you’ll just crash into one of the walls and never get the higher score you’re looking for. 

Draw out your route by placing your finger on the dot instead of that little grey bar at the bottom of your screen. If you place your finger on the dot, the game becomes much easier as all you have to do is trace the route with your finger instead of calculating how much distance you have the other way. 

Double Your Score Automatically

You can double your score in the game automatically by buying the pro version of the app. The app does cost 99 cents but if you are competitive and want a chance on the leaderboard you’ll definitely have to consider spending the extra buck.

Realize that some routes are just unplayable!

The game generates a random course every time you hit the play button, so due to the randomization some courses are easier than others. Don’t get upset if you get a couple really hard courses in a row because the odds are in your favor that the next one will be a breeze. 

A bigger screen will give you an advantage.

If you can play on the iPad versus the iPhone version of the game then play on the iPad! The bigger screen will only give you more visibility to what is coming ahead on the path and where your dot is on its course. 

Horizontal Trick

Although you should keep your finger on the path for the most part, as stated above, there are parts of the path that you could benefit from lifting your finger. When you see a horizontal path that seems impossibly too long to navigate in the amount of time you have, lift your finger and tap the right or left side of the screen, depending on which way the horizontal path is facing. This will push the dot quickly to whichever side you tap and get you through the course without crashing. 

Stay in the Line is now available for free in the App store. The pro version is also available for 99 cents. Give some of your tips down below!

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