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Super Mario RPG: How to Get Signal Ring

The Signal Ring has a new location. Here's how to get it.

One of the most helpful items you can get in Super Mario RPG allows you to detect hidden items. It’s easy to miss and has a different location than the original SNES version. In this guide, I’ll show you how to find the Signal Ring. 

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How to Get the Signal Ring in Super Mario RPG

If you’ve played the original SNES version of Super Mario RPG, you might remember that the Signal Ring isn’t available until after you defeat Valentina in Nimbus Land. You might’ve made the same mistake I did, looking for it there and finding nothing. 

In the Switch remake, you can get the ring right at the beginning of the game. Once you get to the Mushroom Kingdom, go to the Item Shop. Go down the stairs to find a toad that you can talk to. Interact with him, and he’ll teach you about hidden items, and then you’ll receive the Signal Ring automatically. If you’ve missed it, you can always fast travel back here and pick it up!  

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What Does the Signal Ring Do in Super Mario RPG?

Having the Signla Ring throughout the whole game means you can find many of the game’s hidden items without having to backtrack later on. Once you acquire it, I recommend keeping it equipped to at least one party member at all times so you don’t miss anything.

When equipped, the Signal Ring will make a sound if there’s a hidden item nearby, though it doesn’t lead you directly to it, and you’ll still need to find the secret to uncover it. Additionally, there will also be a notification at the top of the screen that alerts you if there’s something close to you. This is helpful in case you don’t hear the chime or if you have a hearing disability. 

What Hidden Items Does the Signal Ring Detect?

The Signal Ring will detect Hidden Item Chests for you, and they can be found all over the world as you make your way through Super Mario RPG. Most of them will have Frog Coins inside them, which you can spend at Tadpole Pond or the Seaside Frog Coin Shop. However, there are other items to find. Here’s a list of every other item you can get from these hidden treasure chests.

  • Flower
  • Croaka Cola
  • Red Essence
  • Rock Candy
  • Goodie Bag
  • Mushroom

While these chests don’t contain any powerful equipable items (so you don’t have to worry about these chests if you don’t want to), I still recommend going after them for the Frog Coins you’ll get. You can use Frog Coins to get other useful items, such as the Party Bracer or the Early Times item.

That’s how to get the Signal Ring in Super Mario RPG. Looking for more tips and tricks? Check out our guide for all the hidden treasure locations or our article on the best weapons and how to get them. You can find even more over at our SMRPG guides hub right here.

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