Survival Heroes Best Weapons List

Here's a list of some of the best weapons you should for during your time in Survival Heroes!

Here's a list of some of the best weapons you should for during your time in Survival Heroes!

As you repeatedly play a battle royale game, you quickly learn what weapons stand out as some of the more powerful choices. The mobile game Survival Heroes is no different, though there’s a unique twist thrown into this game’s combat mechanics: each weapon comes with three abilities. 

These abilities change up how your character plays during your match. You receive all of the weapons shown on this list when you first start the game — you do not have to grind gold to acquire any of them. We compiled a list some of the best weapons you can find during your first games!

Thunder Staff

  • Vengeful Thunder: A ranged AoE stun.
  • Thunder Evasion: A damaging dash that slows enemies for 3 seconds.
  • Thunder Pool: A radius of thunder that damages nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds, while increasing your movement speed by 25%. This ability lasts for 3 seconds.

Of all the weapons used in Survival Heroes, the Thunder Staff helped to provide the most victories. What makes this weapon top the entire list? A player can use this weapon to corner any foe they encounter.

Someone can open up a fight using Vengeful Thunder, or close the distance immediately with Thunder Evasion. After using their chosen ability, Thunder Pool does an extraordinary amount of damage in a larger area.

While the weapon comes with an excellent set of abilities, it does lack in basic attack speed. The Thunder Staff is slow to use, taking time to send out electrifying bolts. Though, it’s not a huge issue. Because of Thunder Evasion, it’s difficult for an enemy to get away to heal. The dash also doubles as an ideal method to escape if you need to hunker down for a few seconds to drink a potion. 

The superb versatility of the Thunder Staff takes it to the top of the tier list.

Dragon Gun

  • Critical Gunplay: Dash forward to increase your movement speed for 1 second and your chance to land a critical attack for 3.
  • Smoke Bomb: Throw this AoE ability to deal a small amount of damage, but the effects remain for 4 seconds, reducing the line of sight of any foe that stays in it.
  • Steel Body: A dashing ability that also removes any control debuffs on your character and restores 10% of your health. You’re even immune to control debuffs for 2 seconds and receive 5% lost health if you’re hit by one during this time.

If you think you’re getting away from someone running at you with a Dragon Gun, you’re sorely mistaken. This shotgun comes with two dashes, making the character agile and quick in any fight.

The weapon’s two dashes also make it extremely easy for the wielder to get up close, taking advantage of the Dragon Gun’s basic attack trait of dealing more damage the closer they are in a small AoE. Remaining close also helps with your Smoke Bomb ability as it reduces the accuracy of your opponents if it hits.

However, you have to have quick fingers to use this weapon properly. You must remain close to your foe to inflict the most damage, and this means meeting melee characters head-on or chasing after ranged opponents. You’ll want to practice with this weapon to get the hang of when to use the Dragon Gun’s dashes.

The Dragon Gun proves a worthy adversary to the Thunder Staff.

Sun Bow

  • Splitting Arrow: Fire 6 arrows out in front of you in a cone that deal a 25% slow for 1.5 seconds.
  • Spiral Arrow: A long-range arrow that knocks enemies back, silencing them for 2 seconds.
  • Arrow Array: Unleashes a rainfall of arrows on a designated position, slowing the target by 40% for 1.5 seconds.

The Sun Bow remains an excellent choice for those who choose to stack attack speed early. The more frequently you hit your opponents, the more stacks you gain from the weapon’s passive ability, Wind Edge. When you successfully stack 10, you get a short attack and movement speed buff.

At the end of the game, the Sun Bow crushes even the most hearty of players, if the wielder can slow them down enough with Splitting Arrow and Arrow Aaray to keep them in sight.

A significant drawback for this weapon is the fact it doesn’t come with a dash ability. Though two of your abilities can slow a foe, the Sun Bow doesn’t have a great method to chase someone down or to escape a situation. You’ll have to rely on having one of those abilities on cooldown, and your foes don’t have a dash on their own, which is unlikely.

Catching someone off guard with this weapon is exceptionally satisfying, given how quickly you can build your attack speed.

Elemental Orb

  • Elemental Return: This tosses your orb outward damaging anyone in its path, and returns to you, damaging them again.
  • Flicker: Jump forward a small distance and deal damage on upon. If you use this skill again within a short period, you’ll return to your original position.
  • Link: Discharges a small burst of energy, damaging all nearby enemies. This ability creates a connection, and if enemies cannot break this link within 2 seconds, they will receive the damage again and get stunned.

This weapon takes some getting used to as the Elemental Orb is a ranged weapon, but can do a good deal more damage when you’re closer.

An optimal opening with this weapon is to use the Link attack, creating a damaging leash with you and your foe. Though, to do the most damage with your abilities, you’re going to rely on the Elemental Orb’s basic attacks to stack its passive, called Marks, on your opponent. These stacks lower your foe’s Magic Resist stats, letting you inflict more damage the longer the fight goes on.

When you use this weapon, you want to burst your opponents and wear them down quickly. To deal the most damage, you want to use your basic attacks as often as possible. Because these attacks are slow, it can feel like a necessary choice to use them over an ability. It’s also easy to miss an enemy on the Elemental Return’s backswing, meaning you frequently may not entirely damage someone wise enough to dodge the second half of this attack. 

Grab the Elemental Orb if you’re confident in your talents of quickly adapting to a combat situation.

Reaper Scythe 

  • Charge: Dash forward with a damaging slash.
  • Soul Drain: Slash your scythe in front of you, pulling all enemies towards you, stunning them for 0.5 seconds.
  • Reaper’s Arrival: Slam your scythe down, damaging all nearby foes and slowing them by 30% for 2.5 seconds. The ability also activates a small buff where for the next 6 seconds every basic attack increases your physical attack stat by 25 for a max of 5 stacks.

With the Reaper Scythe, you’ll feel confident enough to dive into any encounter you find yourself in to rip your opponent apart. Not only does this melee come with a devastating dash you can use to damage your foe, but you can also pull them closer to you with another damaging ability.

When you pull them in and use Reaper’s Arrival, you can slow them in their tracks. This ability also grants a short buff where your basic attacks are boosting your physical attack stats for a short time.

Though, the Reaper Scythe’s slow basic attacks bring it down. These sluggish attacks make it feel like your character is moving through syrup. The great abilities don’t make up for them. You could choose to pick up items to boost your attack speed, but you’ll find it a better strategy to focus on increasing your physical attack stats.

While this weapon may make you feel like the reaper, you’ll see yourself more as a shambling skeleton than the bringer of death.

Wild Axes

  • Summon: Call forth a bear to fight at your side of 60 seconds. You can dismiss the bear at any time while it’s out to receive 15% of your health back.
  • Enraged: This buff increases you and your bear’s movement speed by 20% and attack speed by 10% for 3 seconds.
  • Spinning Axes: Toss your axes out to deal a small portion of damage, slowing all targets by 20% for 1.5 seconds. If any target gets hit when the axes return to you, they suffer an additional 30% slow for 1.5 seconds.

With the Wild Axes, you can summon a bear — already a great ability! This ferocious companion follows you around in combat for sixty seconds after you call it, and you can banish it at any time to recover a small portion of your health. It’s a good, quick heal if a player decides to focus on you instead of the bear.

With your companion out you can use Enraged at any time to boost both of your attack speeds and throw your Spinning Axes to slow any escaping foe.

A substantial negative to using these weapons is not being able to dash away. You could summon your bear to distract a player as you run away, but it’s not as effective as a dash. Plus, the Wild Axes rely on staying as close as possible to cut down your foes.

These weapons feel like they lack a much-needed dash because any enemy with a dash can catch up to you or outrun you. If you can’t get close to your opponent, it doesn’t matter how fast you can hit them.

Though, being able to summon a bear and use it to heal yourself does give it some bonus points.

Those were some of the best weapons you can find Survival Heroes during your first few games! Use this new knowledge to your advantage and take first place.

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