Take to the Skies With the Fortnite Bouncer Trap

Whether bouncing upwards for a quick pot shot or launching a shopping cart forward at top speed, the Bouncer Traps are here to shake up Fortnite Battle Royale!

Whether bouncing upwards for a quick pot shot or launching a shopping cart forward at top speed, the Bouncer Traps are here to shake up Fortnite Battle Royale!

After the arrival of the ludicrous shopping cart push vehicle last week (you just knew this game couldn’t have a normal, non-absurd vehicle, didn’t you?), things are about to get even more crazy in Fortnite with the Bouncer Trap!

The sky’s the limit now (literally) with a trap that will bring to mind your fondest memories of using the impulse grenade improperly to explore the air above the Battle Royale map.

This new and improved Bouncer Trap was just added in the Fortnite V4.3 content update today, which may be one of the smallest updates so far, with an extremely short patch notes list.

We’ve already had launching pads exactly like this in Save the World mode since the game’s very earliest days, but now the Trap makes its way into Battle Royale for (presumably) a limited time to spice up solo and squad play.

Where to Find the Bouncer Trap

Bouncer Traps are a Rare-rated item drop found in stacks of three and can be picked up as randomized floor loot in any of the normal floor spawn locations, as well as in gold treasure chests, supply drops, and even supply llamas.

In other words, anywhere you normally find treasure, a stack of 3 Bouncers has a small chance of spawning. They take up an inventory slot just like any other weapon or usable item, and they are placed on the ground just like you were building a floor tile with normal resources.

Once set down, the Bouncer provides a jump boost upward (or in a cardinal direction if you placed it horizontally on a wall tile). The applications here are endless, from bouncing up and over a fortress wall to getting off a few pot shots to rapidly pushing unsuspecting enemies away from an area.

Strangely, they don’t seem to have anything to do with the Season 4, Week 6 challenges, although they sure can turn a map into a wacky fun house of carnage when used in conjunction with those shopping carts…. Placing a Bouncer vertically on a wall tile and then throwing a shopping cart into the trap can lead to some seriously high-speed hijinks.

 Coming across a Bouncer Trap on the ground (thanks to DooM BigFoltz for the screenshot)

Although the regular update day has arrived, the Fortnite Season 4, Week 6 challenges haven’t actually gone live yet, but as usual, they have leaked ahead of time.

These new challenges for Battle Pass holders are expected to go live shortly now that the new trap has officially arrived in the 4.3 patch:

  • Search Supply Drops (3)
  • Deal damage with Shotguns to opponents (1000)
  • Search Chests in Loot Lake (7)
  • Spray over different Carbide or Omega Posters (7)
  • Search between a Playground, Campsite, and a Footprint (1) (HARD)
  • SMG Eliminations (3) (HARD)
  • Eliminate opponents in Retail Row (3) (HARD)

The Loot Lake chests challenge should be fairly easy, as well as getting eliminations in Retail Row if you stay hidden. The others will take a bit more effort, however. Stay tuned for our full guides on searching out the hidden playground/campsite/footprint area and spraying over the Omega posters as soon as the challenges go live!

What do you think of this new version of the Bouncer Trap, and how are you going to use them to land a #1 Victory Royale win? Let us know your Bouncer strategy in the comments below, and be sure to check out our other Fortnite guides here at GameSkinny:

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