Tekken 8 Closed Network Test: How to Use Alternate Colors

If you’ve been playing the Tekken 8 beta, you may be wondering how to use alternate costume colors for each character.

Tekken 8 Hwoarang Alternate Color
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The Tekken 8 Closed Network Test is finally here, but many players have been wondering how to unlock alternate colors. In most Tekken games, it’s pretty easy to switch to an alternate costume or color, but using different costume colors in the Tekken 8 beta is a bit more involved. Don’t worry, I did all of the experimenting for you, and I’ve found two different ways to use alternate colors in the Tekken 8 Closed Network Test.

How to Use Alternate Colors in the Tekken 8 Beta

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  1. At the character select screen, choose any character except the one you want to play as.
  2. Hover over the character you want to use as the CPU opponent, but don’t lock in your selection.
  3. Wait until the character model loads.
  4. Go back to the 1P character selection and change to the character you want to use.
  5. Lock in your selection, and you’ll now have the alternate color scheme.

There are two different ways to select an alternate color in the Tekken 8 Closed Network Test. The first method involves the character select screen. Select any character other than the character you want to use, then when it’s time to select the CPU opponent for the ranked match waiting area, hover over your preferred character until the model loads. Once this happens, deselect (Circle on PlayStation, B on Xbox) and switch the 1P character to your desired character. When you lock in your selection, you’ll have the alternate color.

For example, if I want to play using Jin’s alternate color, I would select Bryan Fury first (or any other character). I would then place the 2P (CPU) select cursor on Jin, but I wouldn’t lock in the selection. I’d wait for the character model to load, then press Circle on PlayStation, and move the 1P cursor to Jin before locking in my selection. This gives me the alternate color scheme for Jin’s outfit.

The other method to get the secondary color is to select the right side when asked which side you want to play on before selecting your character. Once you’re in the ranked match waiting area, open the options menu, and go to Quick Select. Simply reconfirm your character selection, and when you go back into the game, your character will change to the alternate color. This is slightly easier than the other method, but it does require you to play on the 2P (right) side.

Tekken has always had multiple colors and outfits to select for each character, in addition to character customization in the more recent games. It’s very likely the retail release of the game will feature these options, so you won’t need to go through this somewhat convoluted way to use the alternate color for each character in Tekken 8. This is something that is almost certainly exclusive to the Closed Network Test. Stay tuned to GameSkinny, as we’ll have more on Tekken 8 in the coming weeks and months.

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