The Outlast Trials Full Prescriptions List

The full list of all Tier 1 and Tier 2 Prescriptions in The Outlast Trials.

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Prescriptions can be an integral part of gameplay in The Outlast Trials. While there are many upgrades that aid you while on track to be Reborn, Prescriptions shouldn’t be overlooked. Indeed, you should know what each one does so you can pinpoint the ones that best compliment your playstyle, Rig, and the Trial at hand. Our guide lists all Tier 1 and Tier 2 Prescriptions, which are one type of upgrade that you can start earning early in The Outlast Trials.

All Prescriptions in The Outlast Trials Explained

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Prescriptions are unlocked at Therapy Level 3. To find them, head over to the Pharmacy and start gaining Tier 1 Prescriptions. Prescriptions are permanent perks that are always active. You don’t need to pick one or two of them and rotate depending on the Trial. It’s possible to purchase all of them, but I recommend reading the descriptions below to find ones that you want to prioritize over others. I prioritized Regeneration since I have a tendency to be hit by enemies.

Tier 2 Prescriptions are unlocked only after you purchase all Tier 1 Prescriptions.

Tier 1 Prescriptions

  • Instant Use: Use items by holding Left Mouse Button instead of picking them up
  • Slide: Perform a slide when you crouch while moving
  • Regeneration: Regain health over time
  • Self Defense Technique: Use bottles and bricks to escape when grabbed by enemies
  • Kick to Help: Kick enemies to help your teammates when they’ve been grabbed
  • Life Saver: Prevent teammates from being executed by kicking enemies
  • Run and Smash Doors: While running, you instantly open doors, or crack them if they’re locked

Tier 2 Prescriptions

  • Expanded Inventory: Your inventory increases to four spots instead of three
  • Doors Basher: Bash in locked doors with two hits
  • Breaching Technique: Stamina isn’t required to bash doors
  • Speed Boost: Increase your run speed
  • Endurance: Running uses less Stamina
  • Athlete: Your max Stamina is increased
  • Parkour Technique: Jumping and climbing use less Stamina
  • Battery Extension: Your Night Vision Goggles have longer battery life
  • Heavy Training: Your speed while moving objects is increased

While that’s all for The Outlast Trials Prescriptions, there are other upgrades and equipment you can purchase, like Rigs and Amps to make matches a bit easier on your teammates and yourself.

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