The Outlast Trials — How to Get and Use Amps

A tool that can make Trials easier, here's how to get and use Amps in The Outlast Trials.

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The Outlast Trials offers you several pieces of equipment as you progress through your therapy, the helpfulness of what’s available increasing as the Trial challenge does. Amps aren’t available early on, but they are invaluable as you get closer to and start going through Program X.

How to Get and Use Amps in The Outlast Trials

Amps are unlocked by speaking with Dorris, who you can find sitting in the cafeteria on the second floor. She offers them starting at Therapy Level 10. To select an Amp before starting a Trial, you just have to change them as desired in your loadout by using the Central Terminal beforehand.

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What Are Amps in The Outlast Trials?

There are a total of nine Amps, and they become available once you reach Therapy Level 10. Each Amp gives you a passive bonus, and you can take up to three with you into a Trial.

However, you won’t be able to use every Amp right at Therapy Level 10 since some require higher levels, Antitoxin requiring the highest level to unlock at Therapy Level 26. However, Antitoxin is worth the grind and one of my favorite Amps since it weakens Psychosis and lets you recover Sanity over time.

The full nine Amps are:

  • Slippers: Reduce sound from walking on Debris.
  • Hide and Breathe: Recover Stamina while hiding.
  • Cacophony: Items thrown for distraction (bottles and bricks) are louder.
  • Double Doses: Syringes can be used twice.
  • Hide and Heal: Recover Health while hiding.
  • Strong Arm: Thrown items hit enemies harder to stun or stagger them.
  • Noise Reduction: Running and opening doors make reduced noise.
  • Quick Escape: Speed and Stamina are increased after being hit.
  • Antitoxin: Reduces Psychosis time by half and increases Sanity gain sooner.

That’s what you need to know about The Outlast Trials Amps and how they can help you out, particularly when you’re trying to get through Program X. Check out some of our other guides on The Outlast Trials here on GameSkinny.

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