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The Talos Principle 2: Desolate Island Lost Puzzles Solutions

Jump from robot to robot in The Talos Principle 2's Desolate Island lost puzzles.

While the eastern zones honed your RGB Converter skills, the first puzzle hub in the north puts you in control of multiple robots at once — which makes for complex coordination. This guide will break down how to solve Desolate Island’s lost puzzles in The Talos Principle 2

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How to Complete the Desolate Island Lost Puzzles in The Talos Principle 2

In The Talos Principle 2, you can solve lost puzzles to supplement the eight ones needed to activate the tower. I tend to use them as a brain palette cleanser when I’m stuck on rooms like Redshift or Drilling Party. Or perhaps you’re a completionist looking to 100% every zone this philosophical puzzler has to offer. 

Here are the ones you’ll find in the snowy peaks of Desolate Island: 

How to Solve Passing Through

The Passing Through bonus puzzle places you in a room where, for once, the progress wheel is just within reach. There’s a single barrier blocking it, and you’ll see another barrier sectioning off a Jammer. Additionally, there’s another robot next to the tool, who I’ll call Robot #2 for this guide. Here are the steps I took to complete it: 

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  • Shift control to Robot #2 by looking at them through the metal grates.
  • Use the Jammer to remove the barrier.
  • With the path open, walk to the opposite side of the room. You’ll find a Hexahedron. Pick it up and bring it over to the Jammer. 
  • In the corner between the Jammer room and the progress wheel’s room, pick up the platform on the ground.
  • Still holding the platform, position yourself close to the Hexahedron and face the progress wheel room. 
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Now that you have all your tools, it’s time to do some stacking like we’ve learned from earlier puzzles in this area. 

  • Shift control back to Robot #1.
  • Pick up the Jammer.
  • Place the Jammer on Robot #2’s platform.
    • This is where I struggled. Control-wise, placing the Jammer was finicky, which caused me to drop it more than once. 
    • I also tried to disable the furthest barrier first, which locked me, Robot #2, and all our tools in the room. 
  • So when you place the Jammer on the platform, ensure it’s still disabling the barrier closest to you.
  • Shift control back to Robot #2, and position yourself in front of the progress wheel’s room.
  • Then, as Robot #1 again, pick up the Hexahedron and place it next to Robot #2.
  • Use the Jammer to jam the final barrier. 

With the barrier gone, place your hand on the wheel to complete the Passing Through.

How to Solve Interplay

While Passing Through placed your robots fairly close together, there’s more distance in Interplay. Here’s how I reached the progress wheel: 

  • At the entrance, place the Hexahedron on the pressure plate to your left. 
  • Use the fan to boost yourself up to the raised platform
    • I didn’t see the ladder straight ahead. For an easier method, you can simply use it to climb over. To feel a little cooler, do what I did.
  • Either way, drop down and grab the Connector that’s out in the open. 
  • Link the Connector to the red light source and the corresponding receiver. Set it down where it can see both. 
  • Step on the pressure plate across from the receiver.
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Now, you can access Robot #2. So, shift control to them and use the ladder to return to the other side. 

  • Pick up the Hexahedron. Then, take control of Robot #1. Bring them over, as well. 
  • Use Robot #1 to step on the pressure plate and power the fan.
  • As with Robot #2, with the Hexahedron in hand, use the fan for a boost. Drop down on the other side. 
  • Place the Hexahedron on the fan and grab the Connector. Add an extra link to the receiver beyond the metal grates. It won’t work yet, but that’s fine. 
  • Set the Connector on the Hexahedron. 

For these next steps, your robots need to see each other. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do all the shifting that comes next.

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  • Control Robot #1 and position them in Robot #2’s line of sight. For me, this meant walking them up to the metal grate dividing the room.
  • Retake Robot #2 and stand on the fan’s pressure plate, raising the Hexahedron. The barrier blocking a second Connector will open.
  • Hop back into Robot #1 and get the new Connector.
  • Bring Robot #2 over and have them boost Robot #1 with the fan just like we did in previous steps. 
  • Before you go to the other side, link the Connector to the blue light source and set it on the corner without metal grates.
  • Now drop down, grab the other Connector and link it to two things:
    • Blue Connector
    • Blue receiver 
  • Set it back on the Hexahedron. 
  • Bring Robot #2 over to stand on the pressure plate, raising the Hexahedron and connecting the blue light beams. 
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Finally, retake control of Robot #1 and place your hand on the progress wheel. You’ve officially completed Interplay.

That’s our complete guide to Desolate Island’s lost puzzles in The Talos Principle 2. For more guides, such as how to complete Remember and Field of View in the Flooded Valley, take a look at our TTP2 guides hub

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