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The Talos Principle 2: Eastern Wetlands Positional Interchange Puzzle Solution

The Talos Principle 2's eighth puzzle in the Eastern Wetlands is definitely a headscratcher. Here's how we solved it.

The eighth puzzle in the Eastern Wetlands is the last before you venture into the Megastructure for the first time, and as expected, it packs a challenge. Complete it with our Positional Interchange solution guide so you can return to the mysterious puzzle-solving journey of TTP2

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How to Solve Positional Interchange in The Talos Principle 2

Unlike some other deceptively simple-looking puzzle rooms in The Talos Principle 2, Positional Interchange looks complicated from the start. At your disposal, you have a Connector and two Inverters. They’re each blocked off from one another, and yet, you’ll have to find ways to link them properly and send appropriate light beams to the red and blue receivers at the end of the puzzle. 

Retrieve the Inverter

Firstly, let’s grab one of the Inverters, which is hiding behind a blue barrier. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Pick up the Connector from the pressure plate. 
  • Link it to the blue light source and the Inverter behind the purple barrier. 
  • Place it back down on the pressure plate. There should be a blue light beam connected to the Inverter now.
  • Head to the area behind the purple barrier.
  • While keeping your connections, link the Inverter there to the red receiver nearby.
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Now, you can grab the extra Inverter needed to complete the puzzle. For the time being, simply swap it with the Connector so it’s holding down the pressure plate. 

Use Elevation to Your Advantage

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Head back behind the purple barrier. Move the Inverter so it’s on the Hexahedron. You’ll notice the box is on a fan, so you know some gravity-defying shenanigans are on their way. 

Go back to the pressure plate corner. Connect that Inverter to the following:

  • The other Inverter behind the purple barrier.
  • Red receiver behind the purple barrier.
  • Blue light source.
  • Two red receivers near the progress wheel.
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Set the Inverter back down on the pressure plate to open nearly all barriers and turn on the fan to lift the other Inverter. I thought I was done at this point, but I realized I was still missing the light beam for the final blue receiver. Unfortunately, you can’t simply link the Connector to the blue light source, as this causes a collision with the red beams.

Instead, you’ll link the Connector to the hovering blue Inverter. As we learned in Elevation at the Grasslands Ring, its extra height creates a clear path for the blue beam to the receiver. 

That covers how to complete Positional Interchange in The Talos Principle 2. For more guides on how to complete the first set of Megastructure Puzzles and find the Monument sprite in Desolate Island, check out our TTP2 guides hub.

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