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The Talos Principle 2: Grasslands Ring Lost Puzzle Solutions

Lost puzzles offer optional challenges in The Talos Principle 2. Here's how to solve both in the Grasslands Ring.

Whether you’re dealing with clashing light beams or searching for alternative routes around walls, Interconnectivity and Elevation throw several RGB conundrums your way. Here’s how to solve both of the Grasslands Ring lost puzzles in The Talos Principle 2

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All Grasslands Ring Lost Puzzle Solutions in The Talos Principle 2

How to Solve Interconnectivity

This Grasslands Ring lost puzzle tests your ability to redirect light beams using multiple Connectors and an RGB Converter. However, most of your tools are locked behind a barrier, so the first thing you should do is get them out. 

At the puzzle entrance, pick up the RGB Converter and place it on the pressure plate to your left. Go around the pathway until you reach a Connector, a blue light source, and another pressure plate. Place the Connector on the plate to open a barrier.  

Like Through the Door and Entanglement, you’ll swap the Connector and RGB Converter on the pressure plate. Before you do so, though, make sure the Converter is connected to three things: the blue light, the Connector, and the green receiver. Then, take the Connector to the red light source in the main room, link it, and angle it so that the beam has a clear path. 

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A green beam will connect to the receiver. With its barrier obsolete, take the two Connectors from that room. Now, you’ll chain them together.

To start, link one Connector to the blue light source and its receiver on the other side of the room. Do another swap by removing the Converter and placing the Connector on the pressure plate. This will simultaneously keep two barriers open. 

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Grab one of the remaining Connectors. Link it to the blue Connector and place it in the pathway behind the wall with the blue receiver. Take the final unused Connector; link it to the previous blue Connector and the receiver near the progress wheel. This placement can be tricky. I actually thought mine was in a good spot, but my beams clashed once I included the RGB Converter. So, I recommend setting it offset from the final pressure plate. 

Finally, connect the RGB Converter with the red and blue lights. Then, select the green receiver needed to unlock the last barrier. Place it on the pressure plate, as seen in the image below. As long as your beams aren’t colliding, the barrier should open. 

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How to Solve Elevation

This Grasslands Ring lost puzzle is technically shorter than Interconnectivity, but it stumped me for much longer. Like other rooms in the Grasslands, you’ll start with a Connector. Link it to the blue light source and send the beam to the corresponding receiver through the transparent purple barrier. 

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Now, you can take the RGB Converter and place it on the pressure plate. From there, grab the Hexahedron and set it in line of sight of the green light source, red light source, and blue receiver. Remove the Converter from the pressure plate, link it to all three items, and place it on the box. 

That barrier should remain open. From here, you can take the box and place it back on the pressure plate. For the final step, grab the initial Connector again and link it to the blue RGB Converter along with the corresponding receiver by the progress wheel. With the final barrier gone, you’ve officially completed Elevation. 

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That’s our complete guide to the Grasslands Ring lost puzzles in The Talos Principle 2. For more tips, such as how to skip puzzles and how to fast travel, take a gander at our dedicated TTP2 guides hub

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