Titanfall PC – Beginner’s FAQ Guide

Tips and tricks for basic Titanfall play.
How do I wall hang?
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Right click on PC after wall jumping or running. Keep in mind that the Parkour kit will lengthen the time you can wall hang. ADS (aim down sights) isn’t available during wall hangs, so use weapons that are best with hip fire like the smart pistol or a shotgun.

How to call your Titan

Your Titan has a cooldown before it can be summoned. Once your Titan is ready, you can call it down by pressing V on your keyboard. If you’ve died and your Titan is ready, you can spawn directly into it.

How to kill a Titan as a pilot

This is trickier. Killing a Titan, no matter how you go about it, takes time. They’re massive. Using an anti-Titan weapon is probably the easiest and least risky method, and it’s best to do this from a wall or roof so you don’t get stepped on. 

  • Rodeo: Jump on the Titan’s back from a wall or roof to rip off the panel and shoot its wiring. You do run the risk of being tossed off, or the pilot can eject and kill you while the Titan goes into AI mode.
  • Anti-Titan weapon: I find that the most useful weapon is the Archer Heavy Rocket–it locks on to Titans and deals a significant amount of damage, but only holds one round at a time. The reload time is a bit long. Best used when the Titan is distracted by, say, another Titan.
How do I rodeo kill a Titan?

Approach the enemy Titan quickly and jump towards the upper half of its back. A short scene will show you ripping off the panel–manually fire your weapon into the wiring to engage. The pilot may eject, or the Titan may toss you.

How do I use the Vortex Shield?

Pressing Q on PC allows you to use the Vortex Shield–a defensive manuever that collects rounds fired at you, and refires them back at the enemy. Keep in mind that your refire can be blocked by the enemy’s Vortex Shield. It can also be avoided via dash.

How do I dash in my Titan?

Titans have one or two small bars in the middle of their screen depending on Titan model. These represent the numbers of dashes available to you–they can be used by holding your direction (WASD) and pressing space. Dashes must recharge before they can be used again.

How do I jump kick?

Pressing C on PC allows pilots to jump kick enemies.

How do I perform the nuclear ejection?

Nuclear ejection is a Titan tier 1 kit that detonates the Titan a few seconds after a pilot ejects, usually after critical damage. The blast will greatly damage enemies nearby. Simply ejecting (mashing E) will trigger the nuclear ejection. This can kill you after you eject, so only do so in an open area.

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