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Top 10 Best Light Armor Sets in Baldur’s Gate 3

These are the Top 10 best light armor sets in BG3 for agile and nimble characters.

Looking to equip your agile characters with the best options Light Armor proficiency has to offer? If so, you’ll want the most powerful options in terms of AC and special abilities. Here are my Top 10 best light armor sets in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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10. Studded Leather Armour +2

Nothing flashy, just a powerful 14 AC light armor upgrade for your Rogues, Rangers, Warlocks, and Bards. Studded Leather Armour +2 also grants a +1 bonus to Initiative rolls, which is always appreciated. You can find it throughout Act 2 and Act 3 from merchants, as well as a drop from Orin’s Slasher Form.

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9. Penumbral Armour

One of the best BG3 light armor sets for sneaking around is the Penumbral Armor, sporting 12 AC. Its ability gives you a +3 bonus to Stealth checks when you’re obscured. It’s a default option for sneaky Rogues and Rangers who want to set up a great ambush. You can find it in one of the abandoned warehouses on the Shadow Cursed Ruined Battlefield.

8. Spidersilk Armour

This is a neat light armor set dropped by Minthara early in Act 1 that works wonders for casters. Its ability gives you Advantage on Constitution Saving Throws, which include Concentration checks. Your Warlocks and Bards will love this set for their Concentration spells. Outside of casters, it’s still a great set to defend against Poison-based attacks, and it even grants a +1 to Stealth checks.

7. Blaze of Benevolence

This one’s for Bards, specifically acquired by rescuing Volo from the goblins. It’s a great early to mid-game option that grants you 4 temporary HP whenever you use Bardic Inspiration. I wouldn’t recommend using it once you reach the Shadow Cursed lands, though, as you’ll then need all the AC you can get.

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6. Shadeclinger Armour

Like the Penumbral Armour, the Shadeclinger armor grants you a bonus while obscured, though you have to buy it from Talli instead of getting it for free while exploring. The bonus is defensive (as opposed to boosting Stealth) since it gives you Advantage on Saving Throws while obscured. It also increases your Stealth by +1.

5. Armour of the Sporekeeper

There are two parts to this BG3 light armor set, one that benefits all casters and one that only benefits Druids. The first part is Malefic Funghi, which gives you a +1 to your spell save DC and boosts your Necrotic damage by 1. This is a great buff to any spellcaster.

The second part exclusively benefits Circle of Spore Druids by allowing them to spread Bibberbang Spores, Timmask Spores, and Haste Spores with Symbiotic Entity active. A top-tier choice for Sporekeeper Druids. You can get it from the Mystic Carrion in Philgrave’s Mansion.

4. Armour of Landfall

Landfall is another light armor set with a +1 bonus to spell save DC. It also allows you to cast Plant Growth for free, which is a great non-concentration crowd control spell to slow down enemies. And if maintaining Concentration becomes a problem for your other Concentration spells, Landfall gives you Advantage on Constitution Saving Throws.

The best part is that you heal 1d4 hit points if you start your turn on a Plant Growth or Vine surface. I like to combine this with Disintegrating Night Walkers to prevent being entangled while standing on such surfaces. It’s sold by Lorroakan’s Projection in Sorcerous Sundries

3. Elegant Studded Leather

This is one of the highest AC light armor sets in Baldur’s Gate 3, sporting AC 14 and extra abilities. First off, it gives you a +2 bonus to Initiative, which is great for any Dexterity-based class. Then it gives you Advantage on Stealth checks, and you don’t have to be obscured as with Penumbral Armour.

Finally, you get a free casting of Shield to pump your AC well past 20 for one round. A superb option for any Dexterity-scaling character, it’s found in the high-security vault in The Counting House during the Return Rakath’s Gold quest.

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2. Armour of Moonbasking

Another great Druid armor, Armour of Moonbasking is available from Voiceless Penitent Bareki. Unlike the Sporekeeper, any Druid subclass can use this for its vast defensive benefits.

You’ll get a whopping 22 temporary HP when you Wild Shape and the ability to reduce all damage by 1 while they’re active. Furthermore, while in Wild Shape, you’ll also get a +2 bonus to AC and Advantage on Saving Throws against spells. Awesome.

1. Bhaalist Armour

Now this one is brutal for dealing incredible damage. The Bhaalist Armor makes enemies within 2 meters or 10 feet of you have Vulnerability to Piercing damage, unless they’re Resistant or Immune to it. I typically use this on any type of melee dual-wielding build for Rogues, Fighters, Rangers, etc.

Additionally, dual-wielding Hand Crossbow users with Crossbow Expert will also love this BG3 light armor set. Just imagine double damage from a close-up Sneak Attack, and that’s not even counting Critical Hits. You also get a +2 bonus to Initiative to get into position first in a round and burst down key targets. It’s sold by Echo of Abazigal in the Murder Tribunal.

That’s it for my list of the Top 10 best light armor sets in Baldur’s Gate 3. For more BG3 guides, check out my list of the best BG3 heavy armor sets and my other list to the best Baldur’s Gate 3 magic items.

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