Pirate ships inside the cave in Minecraft
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Top 10 Best Minecraft Cave Seeds

Explore our list of the Top 10 best Minecraft cave seeds and discover amazing treasures.

Caves are full of secrets and amazing discoveries if you know where and how to look for them on the vast plains of Minecraft. Our guide will provide you with a list of the top 10 best MC cave seeds, including all the exact coordinates for quick access.

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Minecraft: Top 10 Best Cave Seeds List

Seed: -5637819126612005969

A cave leads into mineshaft, which leads into ancient city in Minecraft
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Spawn: X: 50 Z: 50
  • Biomes: Meadow.

It’s a wonderful thing to stumble into a cave that has an ancient city or an abandoned mineshaft in Minecraft. But what if you could find them both in the same cave? I didn’t need to go too far to actually encounter both structures at coordinates X: -450 Y: -50 Z: -200. You’ll be able to grab up plenty of chests from the mineshaft and ancient city, assuming you can escape that annoying warden.

Seed: 868565863016403259

Island with a huge cave in Minecraft
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Coordinates: X: -500 Z: 800.
  • Biomes: Ocean.

Spawn close to an outpost on an ocean coast. Then, travel to the north. At coordinates X: -100 Z: 200, you’ll find a very unusual island, which is made up of a single exposed cave. This could be a wonderful location for a base that doubles as a farming area and a mob spawner, all in one.

Seed: 1187705589963829162

Desert temple inside the cave in Minecraft
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Coordinates: X: -50 Z: 50.
  • Biomes: Desert.

The nicest part of investigating Minecraft seeds for me personally is that I can sometimes unearth hidden treasures that completely amaze me. That’s how I found a secret desert temple hidden in a small, flooded cave at coordinates X: -350 Z: 650. Note that the treasure pit on the bottom is still accessible despite the temple’s extended foundation.

Seed: -7004127736181028064

Huge exposed dripstone cave in Minecraft
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Spawn: X: -50 Z: 50
  • Biomes: Forest.

Digging is difficult, but not when a huge mountain is fully exposed, revealing the massive dripstone cave biome, which you can see at coordinates X: 400 Z: 50. This is most likely the simplest and safest method available to obtain all that dripstone in Minecraft without running into those annoying underground mobs.

Seed: 2955516482383810786

Woodland mansion inside the cave in Minecraft
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Spawn: X: 50 Z: -200
  • Biomes: Forest, Frozen Peaks

A woodland mansion would be the one thing I wouldn’t expect to see underground. But here you can find one hidden in the lush cave at coordinates X: 200 Z: -600. This mansion in the mountain can be accessed from the underground tunnel, which is probably the result of an odd glitch.

Seed: 717660454485757359

Gigantic exposed cave with mineshaft and waterfalls in Minecraft
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Spawn: X: 50 Z: -50
  • Biomes: Birch Forest

I was astounded by what I saw as I spawned in this seed. In front of me was a massive sinkhole that revealed an abandoned mineshaft inside a huge cave. The waterfalls created by the river may be of little help, but they definitely add to the alluring image. I also found trail ruins nearby at coordinates X: -200 Z: 50, so be sure to check them out too.

Seed: 4025813641740264014

Dungeon cave under the village in Minecraft
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Spawn: X: -48 Z: 16
  • Biomes: Plains

This Minecraft seed is ideal for quickly establishing a mob farm, which is possible due to a small, exposed cave with a dungeon right beneath the village at coordinates X: -2180 Z: 525. It’ll probably take you some time to get there from the spawn point, but it’s worth it to make the trek from the desolate, snowy plains biome you start in.

Seed: -2404910741640601849

Desert village inside the cave in Minecraft
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Spawn: X: 50 Z: 50
  • Biomes: Desert

Imagine spawning at the base of a lava-filled cave to find yourself in a zombie village. If you have the guts to load this seed, then yes, that kind of scenario is real. Thankfully, the cave has an opening right above the village. You can either stay in the cave and try to survive, or you can use gravel bricks to climb out. In any case, this seed is really unusual!

Seed: -6963622351304530837

Bottomless cave with ancient city in Minecraft
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Spawn: X: 0 Z: 0
  • Biomes: Forest

The discovery of an exposed ancient city inside the cave at coordinates X: 755 Y: -30 Z: 4220 astounded me. But then I wondered, how do I make it all the way down? Well, this one’s dedicated to all the admirers of hardcore survival in Minecraft. Anyone who figures it out gets candy.

Seed: 1892599422615381629

Jungle temple stuck inside the cave in Minecraft
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Spawn: X: -304 Z: 144
  • Biomes: Jungle, Ocean

You’ll spawn on a survivor island with just one structure, which is a secret underground jungle temple that somehow got stuck inside the cave at coordinates X: -408 Z: 120. Fortunately, there’s an opening in the ground for easy access. Other than that, be sure to check out an ocean monument at coordinates X: -264 Z: 40.

That’s it for my list of the top 10 best Minecraft cave seeds. Stay tuned for more MC tips and tricks articles, including How to Find Slime Chunks Without Seeds and How to Build the Best Kelp Farm.

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