Take on some of Tower of Fantasy's toughest challenges with help from our guide to the new Origin of War mode.

Tower of Fantasy Origin of War Guide

Take on some of Tower of Fantasy's toughest challenges with help from our guide to the new Origin of War mode.

The Origin of War is a new activity with the 2.3 update for Tower of Fantasy, adding increasingly difficult endgame content for big rewards for those who’ve invested the time and energy to get there. You’ll fight consecutive waves of enemies that grow in power the deeper into it you get, with rewards to match. It’s not easy, though, and we’ll get into how to tackle it right in this guide.

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How Origin of War Works in Tower of Fantasy

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You’ll need to reach level 80 before you can even start playing Origin of War, so don’t expect to go in the instant you can access the overworld. Being level 80 is no guarantee of success, either. You’ll want to be well about 50,000 CS to make it past even the first few levels, and even then, having both a good healer and top-tier damage is an absolute must.

You’ll access Origin of War via the Challenge section of the Adventure menu, and you can either go in as a pre-made team or be matched with up to three other players.

Because of how challenging the activity is, we recommend going in with a premade group. If you don’t have anyone to play with, send a message in world chat to see if anyone’s around to help, as there is usually someone with the power and experience willing to head in. Unfortunately, there’s only so much even the biggest whales can do to carry at the higher levels, so you will have to do some lifting yourself.

Each level has you facing off against several waves of enemies, and there are 25 levels total. Enemies cannot be staggered and are not affected by Phantasia, and any buffs you have from a previous activity are wiped at the start of a new one. If there’s a heavily-leveled player on your team, the game will automatically adjust which level you start on to compensate.

How Affixes Work in the Origin of War Activity in Tower of Fantasy

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Origin of War introduces a new character buff system similar to Tech from Void Abyss. Called “affixes”, these permanent, customizable improvements can give you an edge that makes more difficult levels more bearable. Most of them have straight damage increases, but others can help with healing and defenses or create a role for you to play on the team.

For instance, you might get an Affix that grants a flat 10% bonus to your Frost damage, while another adds an immunity to Volt damage or another that causes a burst of energy every time you attack.

Affixes start weaker and become incrementally stronger the more you collect and the higher the difficulty you complete. You can have six Affixes equipped at one time but can only swap them out between levels, not during play.

Be aware that some Affixes are unique to a level and cannot be equipped once you clear that level, and it’s possible for Affixes to conflict based on their effect. You’ll need to choose which Affix you want to use in case of a confliction.

What are the Rewards in Origin of War in Tower of Fantasy

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Completing each level of Origin of War awards two types of crafting and upgrade materials, a pile of gold, and one piece of Exoskeleton equipment of increasing rarity. These are one-time rewards and cannot be earned again once claimed. They do, however, reset at the end of the season, as does whatever title you received during.

Despite how hard it is, getting high in Origin of War level will showcase your skills and, more importantly, will equip you with better and better gear while enabling you to easily upgrade it. The Exoskeleton equipment is unique to update 2.3, and you’ll want as many chances at a good one and as many crafting materials as possible. The additional rewards are gravy.

Those are the basics of taking on the new Origin of War mode in Tower of Fantasy. Don’t worry if you fail a few times, and especially don’t worry if you need reviving during the activity. These enemies hit like trucks, and things can get very chaotic very quickly. For more help with the game’s content both old and new, check out our Tower of Fantasy guides hub.

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