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What is Telemetry Data in Payday 3? Answered

You’re not the only one confused about Payday 3 Telemetry Data. Here’s what it does.

Payday 3 sees the return of the Payday Gang and their criminal lifestyle. As exciting as it is, you might be left with questions before you even start. Your first time logging into the game will result in it asking you to enable a couple of permissions you might not have seen in a game before. In this guide, we’ll be answering: what is telemetry data in Payday 3?

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What is Telemetry Data in Payday 3? Answered

Telemetry allows the developers to track specific data related to Payday 3. It’s important to iterate that none of this data is personal information. Instead, it’s all about which heists you play, which weapons you use, performance against specific objectives, etc.

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All of this data taken from different players is meant to make it easier for the team to see what aspects could use some work. It could potentially be used to determine how to balance and handle future content as well. You must opt-in for the data to be collected.

This isn’t anything new for the series. Those who played Payday 2 should be familiar with both Telemetry and Gamesight, as both can be turned on in that title. Then again, it’s possible some have forgotten when they first saw those pop-ups.

How to Turn Off and Opt-Out of Telemetry Data

Something different this time around is that there doesn’t seem to be a setting to disable or enable it from the settings menu. Payday 2 did have this, so it might just be an oversight from the developers for the sequel. If you’re uncomfortable with the developers taking data, even if it’s not invasive, we’d recommend opting out.

That answers what Telemetry Data is in Payday 3. If you need some tips for how to get through the first heist without raising an alarm, here’s how to complete No Rest For the Wicked. Any other questions or tips you’re in need of can be found in our collection of PD3 guides.

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