When Does Palia Release on Nintendo Switch?

Palia is getting set to release on the Nintendo Switch.

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Being able to check your crops in Palia or gift items to villagers while on the go sounds like the perfect day. You can keep up with your neighbors while keeping up with real life. Thankfully, Singularity 6 has planned the release of the cozy, multiplayer community game on the Nintendo Switch. Here’s what we know about Palia’s release to the platform, and the best answer we have to the question of when does Palia release on Nintendo Switch?

When Does Palia Release on Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, there’s no specific release date for when Palia will be launching on the Nintendo Switch. Singularity 6, the indie studio behind the game, has confirmed that it’s releasing later this year. The eShop page has the date listed as Holidays 2023, which makes sense considering there’s only three months left in the year. What better present than gallivanting with your favorite villagers through the fields of Kilima Valley?

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Even though you can’t download it yet, you can add it to your eShop Wish List. Once it becomes available you’ll get a notice to get the game. Follow the instructions in the notice, or navigate to the eShop page to make the title yours.

Currently, Palia is only available on PC in North America and Western Europe. You can play by directly downloading the client from the official website. As the installation progresses, you can create your Singularity 6 account. That way once the game is complete you can sign in, create a character, and begin your Palian adventure.

That’s all we currently know about when does Palia release on Nintendo Switch. While waiting for Palia to release on the Switch, take the time to peruse our extensive game guides. We cover skills like fishing, bug catching, and cooking, along with how to companion plant for the most productive harvests. There are quest walkthroughs, how to romance and who to romance in Kilima Valley, as well as an up to date Weekly Wants list.

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