Stunned Raspberry Beetle.
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Where to Find & Catch Raspberry Beetles in Palia

The Raspberry Beetle is one of the hardest to find bugs in Palia.

Rare bugs not only sell for more money but also provide you with Silk Thread when caught. One of the harder-to-locate insects is the Raspberry Beetle. This is where to find and how to catch Raspberry Beetles in Palia.

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How to Locate a Raspberry Beetle in Palia

Raspberry Beetles are one of the rare bugs that are harder to find. You can find them in Kilima Valley at any time, but you won’t see them around town or down at the pier. Instead, you need to head to the Family Farm. This is the only place in the valley where Raspberry Beetles spawn.

Daiya Family Farm.
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Check all areas, including the Ormuu pens and the wooded area behind the farm. It can easily hide in the grass, making it difficult to spot right away. I almost overlooked the one I caught and only saw it due to the Star Quality shimmer.

Since Raspberry Beetle is shorter than grass, you may want to use a Buzzy Jar. It’s an Insect Catching skill item that you can purchase with Skill Coins or craft yourself after you acquire the recipe. It requires x3 Uncommon Bugs, x2 Lightbulbs, and x2 Silk Thread. When used, butterfly symbols appear on the UI, showing you where and how far away rare bugs are.

Buzzy Jar Insect Catching skill item recipe.
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This is what I finally used to find a Raspberry Beetle. When active, I could see if there was a rare bug near the farm, instead of running around blindly searching for one.

You can also use a Honey Lure or join in while one is active on the farm. It’s a resource-expensive item, but it attracts large numbers of bugs, regardless of rarity, that spawn in the area. The item can draw in rare bugs or force them to spawn, increasing your chance of seeing a Raspberry Beetle.

How to Catch a Raspberry Beetle in Palia

Once found, a Raspberry Beetle can be tricky to stun and collect. It’s fast, so you want to have some Sticky Smoke Bombs on hand. I only had Sneaky Smoke Bombs at the ready, so I unloaded as many of them as I could while being close to it. It helps to have your Belt upgraded as much as possible to increase the chances of a bomb stunning the Beetle.

If you’re playing with others, you can tag team the variety of Smoke Bombs you use. Multiple people also means more bombs can hit it quicker. There’s less of a chance that it can escape and disappear. Once caught, you can get up to x7 Silk Thread.

That’s how to find and catch Raspberry Beetles in Palia. For more insect locations, where to find resources, or how to romance villagers, head to our guide hub.

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