Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — All Akkala Sky Korok Seed Locations in TotK

Here's where to find the Korok Seeds in Akkala Sky in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Akkala Sky is in the top right corner of the map in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and you can find three Korok Seed locations here. Although it might not seem like much when compared to the total of 1,000 Korok Seeds, at least these three are fairly easy to get — and you don’t have to pick up many to mark the area off of your list. For me, these provide a little respite from the game’s larger regions. Regardless, our guide tells you where to find all of the Akkala Sky Korok Seeds in TotK.

All Akkala Sky Korok Seeds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Since the islands are so far apart in the Akkala Sky, I’d highly suggest using Zonai Devices like Fans or Rockets to get these Korok Seeds. Zonai Wings are another option. I tend to carry plenty with me at all times, but you can find Dispensers throughout the islands in the Sky and in some locations on the Surface to stock up before you travel here.

Akkala Sky Korok Seed Location 1

For the first Akkala Sky Korok Seed, activate the Korok Platform at the very top right corner, then dive after the sparkles and examine them before they vanish.

Akkala Sky Korok Seed Location 2

Activate the Korok Platform and glide to the Landing Pad without touching anything else to get the Korok Seed.

Akkala Sky Korok Seed Location 3

This is the same puzzle as #1. Launch yourself to the little island, then activate the Korok Platform. Dive after the sparkles and examine them before they vanish. You’ll nab the last Akkala Sky Korok Seed in the process.

If you aren’t aiming to get all 1,000 Korok Seeds and just want the inventory expansions, then you might not find it worth your time to go through the effort of collecting the Akkala Sky Korok Seeds, given how few of them there are and how far apart they’re placed.

But at any rate, that’s where to find the Akkala Sky Korok Seed locations if you do! We have plenty of other Korok Seed guides over in our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guides hub, as well as tips articles on how to get Froggy Armor or how to unlock the Horned Statue to respec.

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