Zelda Tears of the Kingdom — How to Unlock Horned Statue to Respec in TotK

You'll need to complete a quest to unlock the Horned Statue and respec. Here's where to find it and how to do it.

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To respec in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need to unlock the Horned Statue. Completing Shrines and getting Blessings of Light are an integral part of the game. But maybe you need more hearts or stamina bars. Fear not: you can switch them out for a small fee. Here’s how to unlock the Horned Statue and respec hearts and stamina in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Unlock the Horned Statue to Respec in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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To respec your hearts and stamina, you’ll have to unlock the TotK Horned Statue. That means completing the Who Goes There? quest in the Emergency Shelter in Lookout Landing. To unlock it, you’ll have to complete one of the four starting temples and then return to Lookout Landing. When you do, you’ll find Jerrin (the woman who’s always sweeping the emergency shelter) and Anson (the guy speculating that there’s a secret passage somewhere in the emergency shelter) standing in front of a hole in the wall.

Talk to Jerrin to pick up the Who Goes There? quest, and then head through the opening to investigate the strange voice she heard. There will be several rocks blocking your way. If you have bomb flowers, I’d say now’s a great time to use them. If not, there’s a rock you can Fuse to any weapon you have to take them out.

TotK Horned Statue Location

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Once you’re through, look for a small nook hidden on the right side of the Royal Hidden Passage. That’s where you’ll find the Horned Statue.

How to Respec in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Talk to the statue, and after some dialogue, it will take a heart from you. Talk to it again to get it back. This doesn’t cost you anything, but it does illustrate how the statue works. You can give it any essence (either a heart or part of your stamina wheel) for 100 rupees. After that, you can sell it more or choose the “I want one back” option. You can choose either a heart or a stamina segment no matter what you sold the Horned Statue. Either way, it will cost you 120 rupees, which means the entire respec process costs 20 rupees each time.

You won’t have to do that to complete the quest, though. Once the statue gives you back the heart it took, head back to Jerrin to complete the Who Goes There? quest. You can now use the Horned Statue to respec Hearts and Stamina any time you like. Just remember that it will cost 20 rupees each time.

That wraps up our the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Horned Statue guide. For more tips, tricks, guides, and walkthroughs, check out our Zelda: TotK guides hub.

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