Wanted Dead: Is There a New Game Plus Mode?

Can you make this hard game any easier for yourself a second time through? We explain Wanted Dead new game plus in this guide.

As an action-shooter hybrid, you'll probably have very specific expectations in regard to Wanted: Dead's progression. For example, you'd be right to assume it features skill trees but does it have a new game plus mode? 

Much like the games Wanted: Dead seems inspired by, there are clear limitations to its new game plus implementation. Let's go into how new game plus works in Wanted: Dead.

Wanted: Dead New Game Plus Explained

New game plus is immediately unlocked after you beat the game for the first time. However, new game plus only applies to difficulty settings that have already been completed. For example, if you beat the game on normal, the main menu's new game plus option will only let you replay on normal. 

Considering how crucial difficulty is to the Wanted: Dead experience, this decision was likely made to carefully balance each individual difficulty setting to the developer's intended liking. 

What exactly does new game plus include? New game plus carries over:

  • Skill tree upgrades.
  • Weapon attachments.
  • Collectibles from the previous playthrough.

Since there is no dedicated mission select, new game plus is how most players will choose to mop up any missed collectibles, trophies, or achievements.

Additionally, new game plus is the only time you'll feel truly empowered. With a game that is constantly designed to keep you on your toes, it might feel good to let loose for the first time without micromanaging every enemy and mechanic. This will ring especially true for the hardest difficulties.

That's all you need to know about new game plus going into Wanted: Dead, and it's good news if you want to tear the game up on subsequent playthroughs. Check out our other Wanted: Dead guides here on GameSkinny.

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Published Feb. 14th 2023

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