Nintendo UK gets a new boss

A new Nintendo boss arrives in the UK branch with over 20 years of company experience.

There have been some recent changes concerning the position of general manager at Nintendo UK, following Simon Kemp's recent departure. Simon Kemp left the firm the previous week to pursue different career options -- Kemp had been the general manager since November 2012.

It was announced that his replacement is Nicholas Wegnez.

Nicholas Wegnez is a long standing employee of Nintendo, having been employed with them for over 20 years. His most recent position with the company was marketing and PR director at Nintendo Iberica -- handling the firm's Portuguese and Spanish businesses.

Wegnez is not the first experienced Nintendo figure to join the UK branch recently. Matthias Hempfling, the previous European marketing director at Nintendo Europe, joined as marketing and PR director. Kalpesh Tailorhas is the recent head of communications, after joining from Nintendo Europe. Tailorhas previously held the position of European PR manager.

Wegnez begins his role of general manager at Nintendo UK today.

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Published Jun. 20th 2016

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