Control Guide: How to Solve the Luck and Probability Room Puzzle

Here's how to solve the Luck and Probability puzzle in Control. Completing this side mission will give you the Golden Suit and put you one step closer to the Expert Parautilitarian and Master Parautilitarian trophies/achievements.

The Luck and Probability puzzle in Control can take a while to solve if you don't know the answer. In typical Control style, the answer to the puzzle is mostly laid out on the Luck and Probability room's whiteboard, but parts of it are expectedly cryptic. Not to mention it's not clear what to do with the roulette wheel. 

Since the riddle is categorized as a side mission, solving the puzzle will give you precious upgrade materials, as well as a few useful skill points. Of course, you can use these to upgrade the Service Weapon or purchase mods. You can also use the skill points to unlock more skills in Control's skill tree.

Upgrading your health and energy levels is essential for taking on some of the game's later enemies, and leveling up abilities like shield, compel, and launch make things even easier. 

As a bonus, solving the puzzle will give you a new outfit for Jesse: the Golden Suit. 

Luck and Probability Room Location in Control

You can find the Luck and Probability room in the Research sector. You can reach it through Parapsychology or via the top floor of the Central Research area. 

You will unlock this area naturally when you speak with Marshall for the first time. It is when she asks you to fix the HRA machine during Chapter 4, "The Old Boys' Club."

Puzzle Solution

Technically, there are two rooms here: one room is filled with cubicles, while another room (the one with the yellow walls) is filled with lucky items. Most importantly, though, you want to pay attention to the roulette wheel in the room with the yellow walls. 

The point to this puzzle is getting 7 Luck. You do so by activating or relocating various objects in both rooms, then spinning the roulette wheel to show a number on the monitor screen to the front and left of the roulette wheel. 

Here are the steps for solving the puzzle in the Luck and Probability Room. Note: do not stand on the red carpet. After you spin the roulette wheel, get off of the red carpet as it decreases your luck

  1.  Turn on all of the lights in the room with the roulette wheel
    • Facing the roulette wheel, there are three desks straight ahead. Each of them has three lights (lamps) on them. 
    • There is a desk to the left of the roulette wheel. It also has a lamp on it you must turn on. 
  2. Go into the adjacent room and take the Four-Leaf Clover
    • It is on the right side of the room in a small, square white pot against the wall. 
    • Take the Four-Leaf Clover 
    • Go back into the room with the roulette wheel
    • Place the Four-Leaf Clover in the small, square white pot behind the computer monitor hooked up to the roulette wheel. 
  3. Go back into the room with the Four-Leaf Clover
    • Find the waving Lucky Fortune Cat on the left side of the room
    • Turn it on 
  4. Turn around and find the Coy Fish mounted on the wall next to the door
    • Grab it using your Launch ability
    • Take it back into the room with the roulette wheel
    • Place the Coy Fish mount on the ground next to the roulette wheel
    • It must be placed within two feet of the wheel
  5. Now spin the wheel

If you followed all of the steps above, you should have 7 Luck, which will solve the puzzle and complete the side mission. 

Luck and Probability Puzzle Rewards

These are the rewards you will get for completing the riddle: 

  • Material: Astral Blip
  • Outfit: Golden Suit
  • Ability Points: 2


That's all you need to know about solving the Luck and Probability room puzzle in Control. With two more precious Ability points, you'll be one step closer to finishing Control's skill tree and getting the Expert Parautilitarian and Master Parautilitarian trophies/achievements. Chances are you already have the Parautilitarian trophy/achievement. 

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