Control Guide: How to Solve the HRA Machine Puzzle During "Old Boys Club"

Like other puzzles in Control, the HRA machine puzzle during Chapter 4, "Old Boys Club," can be a bit obtuse. Here's how to solve the HRA puzzle quickly.

Of Control's many puzzles, the HRA machine puzzle is one of the more confusing, on par with the clock puzzle earlier in the game. During Chapter 4, Old Boys' Club, Marshall will ask you to turn on the huge HRA machine found in The Oldest House. 

It's easy to get there as it's marked on your map, but solving it is another matter entirely. If you're stumped, we've got you covered in the guide below. 

Puzzle Solution

There are five total terminals in the area: four are in the room with the HRA machine. One is upstairs, in the room above the machine. Each machine has a number written on the side; we'll be using those numbers below. 

After you pick up the punchcards scattered about the room (which are marked), the goal is to put the correct punchcard in the correct terminal. 

There are whiteboards scattered about the room as well. These hold the answer to the puzzle, although they're certainly cryptic. Instead of talking about how to interpret each board, here's the answer you're after: 

Terminal Answers
Terminal 1 HRA Terminal 1 answer
Terminal 2
Terminal 3
Terminal 4
Terminal 5


Once you assign the five punchcards to the correct terminals, the terminals will lock. You will no longer be able to interact with them. 

Now, go to the HRA device in the middle of the room and activate it to proceed with the main story. 


That's all you need to know about solving the HRA machine puzzle in Control during the game's fourth chapter, "Old Boys' Club." For more tips, be sure to head over to our Control guides hub, where you'll find other puzzle solutions, as well as helpful content on abilities and mods

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Published Aug. 29th 2019

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