Complete Mario Kart 8 200cc Shortcuts Guide: All Retro Tracks

Find out how to take shortcuts in 200cc for Mario Kart 8 like a pro!

Start up your engines, racers, you've just come across the final installment in GameSkinny's as-complete-as-possible 200cc shortcut guide for Mario Kart 8.

For our final iteration of our super 200cc shortcuts guide, we are examining all 16 retro tracks renewed from previous Mario Kart games. Not looking for Retro Tracks? Take a look at our DLC Track and Original MK8 Track Shortcut Guides!

Mario Kart 8 All 200cc Shortcuts Guide Complete

Mario Kart 8 200cc Shortcuts - Retro Cups

There are 4 cups in Mario Kart 8 that are dedicated to remastered Mario Kart tracks from previous years: the Shell Cup, Banana Cup, Leaf Cup, and Lightning Cup.

But first, here are 3 key Mario Kart 8 pro-tips to keep in mind while driving in the fast lane:

  • Control Your Air Time - Pushing up or down on the analog stick while in the air will affect the direction the nose of your vehicle is facing.
  • Cancel Drift Boosts - If you're approaching a corner with a full drift boost that you know will send you flying off the track, ease up on the Gas (A or Y button) to neutralize it.
  • Brake Drift  - Holding down the brakes (B button) for a brief period will tighten your drift without canceling it. This results in traction loss if held for too long.

For more advice, make sure you check out our Essential Tips for Burning Rubber in Mario Kart 8!

Before we dive into these awesome 200cc shortcuts, we also need to go over the rules of the mushroom.

  1. We've tested every 200cc shortcut found here without Mushroom Boosts. So, unless specified, it is assumed you will not need a Mushroom.
  2. Any simple Mushroom-fueled turf or corner-cuts don't count for this guide, for they are easily executed without the need for much guidance.

Shell Cup Shortcuts

The Shell Cup brings back fan favorite track Moo Moo Meadows from the Wii, the new and improved Mario Circuit from the GBA, Cheep Cheep Beach makes a comeback from the DS, and Toad Turnpike is back again from the N64 era!

rMMM - Moo Moo Meadows Shortcuts

Moo Moo Meadows Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8Moo Moo Meadows is a fairly simple course full of short turns, weaves and (of course) cows. After the first turn, you can use your SMT to cross the first large patch of grass and hop back out into the road.

The glider portion and tufts of grass in the middle of the course is quite simple in 200cc. The glider works wonders and will get you past the very last turn on that stretch, but you can run right over those hills without any problems at all.

rMC - Mario Circuit Shortcuts

Mario Circuit Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8GBA's Mario Circuit is a great course for getting used to the ropes at any speed! There are two corner cuts that can be cleared here with the help of a mini-turbo or super mini-turbo from your drift.

The first left turn near the finish line can be cleared with a well-timed drift boost, though you'd have a hard time with it on the first lap. The last corner before the finish line with tires in front of it can be jumped right over if you have a well-timed super mini-turbo ready! The glider shortcut off the side of the track can also be taken without much difficulty.

rCCB - Cheep Cheep Beach Shortcuts

Cheep Cheep Beach is a nice tropical race with loads and loads of mud. The first large patch of mud that is commonly boosted across can be hopped through with relative ease — the water actually keeps you moving at a fairly normal speed if you stay off the mud enough.

Cheep Cheep Beach Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8The last turn of Cheep Cheep Beach is really sharp on 200cc, so if you need some assistance slowing down you can drift through the mud on the inside corner — just keep in mind that it will kill your drift boost.

rTT - Toad's Turnpike Shortcuts

Toad Turnpike is one of the most straightforward of the retro tracks. There are a few interesting routes you can take here, however. If you manage to get a glider before the bridge, you can easily glide right over it — this is possible in 150cc as well, but a lot harder to pull off.

Toad's Turnpike Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8The last turn of Toad's Turnpike is better taken in anti-gravity if you can't swing the traffic below. There's always a higher density of vehicles in that area, and it's easy to get hit and lose precious seconds off your time.

Banana Cup Shortcuts

The Banana Cup features Double Dash track Dry Dry Desert, along with SNES classic Donut Plains 3. N64's grand Royal Raceway makes a flashy return, and Mario Kart 7's DK Jungle is back after a short absence.

rDDD - Dry Dry Desert Shortcuts

There's a shortcut that you can take a couple of different ways around the beginning few turns of Dry Dry Desert. You can jump through the sandy turf on your right and trick off the pillar stuck in the ground early on, and it's especially useful for keeping your lines straight.

Dry Dry Desert Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8

If that's not an option with your current lines, you can take both of the corner cuts with pillars on the left side. Trick off the both of them and you'll have effectively skipped 3 horrid turns on 200cc.

rDP3 - Donut Plains 3 Shortcuts

Donut Plains 3 has a couple of really interesting shortcuts to take. You can build up a mini-turbo to skip the first turn (and the mess of Item Boxes that come with it).

Donut Plains 3 Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8Once you get to the part of the course where you dive underwater for a bit, you can drift clear to the left and skip the item boxes there too. Finally, upon approach of the turf cut near the finish line, you can trick off of a mole mound to get through the cut.

rRRy - Royal Raceway Shortcuts

You can use a mini-turbo to get to the boost jump in the turf here on Royal Raceway. Take a cruise up the hill and through the glider section, landing as soon as you can.

Royal Raceway Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8

Once you're on the ground again, drift left and use a mini-turbo to clear the next turn. Hop a few times to get out of the turf and onto the road again.

rDKJ - DK Jungle Shortcuts

DK Jungle doesn't give you much room for maneuverability in 200cc. The glider shortcut is suddenly extremely hard to reach — you're just as likely to fall off the ramp to the glider as you are to reach it.

DK Jungle Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8The final shortcut can still be taken with enough of an early start. You really have to try to drift off that edge before you think you're ready.

Leaf Cup Shortcuts

The Leaf Cup begins with fan-favorite Mario Kart DS track, Wario Stadium, followed by the Gamecube's Sherbet Land. Music Park makes a return from Mario Kart 7 and favorite N64 track Yoshi Valley is a grand finale of the ages.

rWS - Wario Stadium Shortcuts

Wario Stadium Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8Wario Stadium is tight with the super speed of 200cc. The four speed boosts in the mud should be taken without any tricks, but the jump boost right past them with the fire rings can be tricked.

Whether you trick or not, you're going to go flying over the second jump without hitting it. Just try not to hit the fireballs. The last corner cut can also be hopped through underwater.

rSL - Sherbet Land Shortcuts

Sherbet Land is truly the winter wonderland of Mario Kart 8. After getting out of the cave, the first right turn can be drifted right over — you'll be going fast enough to clear it completely.

Sherbet Land Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8The glider shortcut on the turf during the last stretch can be taken without any extra boosts but the extreme speeds of 200cc. Take advantage of it and don't jump over it!

rMP - Music Park Shortcuts

Music Park can be a mess on 200cc, especially driving around on the piano portions. Feel free to take the ramp in the turf after the Piranha Plants, but whatever you do, don't trick on it.

Music Park Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8If you take the glider instead of the low road, you'll get a lot more distance than ever before, nearly getting to the end of the jumping music notes before touching down. If you jump on the drum near the finish line, just make sure you're aligned correctly to avoid hitting the wall.

rYV - Yoshi Valley Shortcuts

Yoshi Valley is a huge, winding course with a multitude of paths leading to the finish line. The fastest path from 150cc remains the fastest in 200cc. Take the wooden ramp off to the left of the road split and continue speeding down that path.

Once you're rounding the corner to the finish line, the last corner cut is cleared without any boosts. Just hop a few times to get out of the turf if you don't completely clear it.

Yoshi Valley Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8

Lightning Cup Shortcuts

The Lightning Cup kicks it off with Tick Tock Clock and Piranha Plant Slide returning from past DS and 3DS Mario Kart titles. Grumble Volcano makes a return from Mario Kart Wii, and Mario Kart 64's infamous Rainbow Road is back and better than ever!

rTTC - Tick Tock Clock Shortcuts

Tick Tock Clock Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8Tick Tock Clock is another fairly simple course for 200cc. Make sure you take the boost pads at the beginning (boost pads are awesome in 200cc).

Once you pass the pendulums, take the glider ramp over the gears and don't hit anything — you can clear the all of the gears and run into the next set of item boxes before touching down again!

rPPS - Piranha Plant Slide Shortcuts

Piranha Pland Slide Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8Piranha Plant Slide is an increadibly fast track on 200cc. It's much more important to stay in the water whenever possible. The water streams help push your kart along and make it go even faster.

On the last turn before the finish line, you can take the cut in the fence with a drift and a few hops pretty easily. Just don't hit the fence itself, or the bush if it's still there, because you'll be hurting.

rGV - Grumble Volcano Shortcuts

Grumble Volcano Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8Grumble Volcano has opened up a number of shortcuts to us with the new speed of 200cc. If you use a mushroom right inside the volcano's cave while drifting to the right, you can clear a gap towards the platform in the middle of the lava.

Just past that platform you can drive right over the rocky turf on the left, so you don't have to worry about cruising down the wrong path at the next turn.

rRR - N64 Rainbow Road Shortcuts

The Nintendo 64's version of Rainbow Road is a fun one, but it unfortunately only goes on for one full lap of the original course. The course is long and incredibly stretched out, leaving little room for any creative course-breaking shortcuts.

Rainbow Road Shortcuts Guide 200cc Mario Kart 8Follow the inside corner of the track and don't try tricking if you're headed straight for a chain-chomp, even if it's in the air. It will catch you mid-air, and losing that much time really sucks.

Find Any 200cc Shortcuts Not Yet Included Here?

Please share all of your findings with us in the comments below or on our official thread on MKBoards! Many thanks to the contributors on MKBoards, they've been great help at finding and identifying crucial shortcuts in Mario Kart 8's insane new 200cc mode.

Mario Kart 8 All 200cc Shortcuts Guide Complete

The Complete Mario Kart 8 200cc Shortcuts Guide will be updated gradually as new shortcuts are discovered. With your help, we can make the most accurate and complete 200cc shortcut guide on the net! Hope to see you in the discussion!

Published May. 10th 2015

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