Top Drives Beginner's Hints and Tips

Some useful things to know to get a head start when playing Top Drives.

Taking the tabletop card game Top Trumps to the next level, London-based developers Hutch Games and super car website EVO recently released a mobile card game that draws clear inspiration from the family-favorite card game. The game is called Top Drives -- and as the name might suggest, it's primarily aimed at car and racing enthusiasts.

You need to collect a number of car cards, build a team, and then set your team up to complete various races and events. There are car cards from all major and well-known car makers such as Chevrolet, Nissan, and Ford. Even the mighty Hummer makes an appearance! The events and races take place all over the world, from West Coast USA to Tykkimäki in Finland. No matter where in the world you are racing, your team go head-to-head with other vehicles in modes like drag races, G-Force tests, and indoor karting circuits.

While the game itself may seem relatively straightforward, there are a few things you'll want to know when you're first starting out. And in this beginner's guide, we're going to lay out all the tips and tricks you need to get ahead of the pack in Top Drives.

Learn Your Cars

I can't stress this enough. There's a whopping 700 or so car cards in the game, which seems like a lot to take in -- but some of them you are just going to sell as soon as you get them and some of them aren't going to be used as often as others.

Because there are different kinds of races, you need to remember your best cars for each kind of race. While it is exciting to collect all the cars you can, your main aim is to progress through the game. Having a well-established deck and knowing what you have will help you get through the levels quicker. 

Your garage only has a limited number of slots to hold cars, so you are going to want to have a couple of cars that accelerate quickly for drag races, cars that have good grip, cars that do well on dirt or sand, cars that run well in the rain, etc.

Remember to Upgrade

All cars can be upgraded, and you should invest in doing so. You never know when you are going to pull a great car card -- so once you start getting Rare cars (the ones highlighted with blue), you need to go about upgrading them.

Each car has 24 upgrade slots that are split between engine, weight, and chassis upgrades. Starting prices vary depending on the rarity of the car, but the "standard" rare car upgrades start at 700 in-game dollars.

Replay Each Location to Reap More Rewards

As you will notice, each location has a maximum of three stars for you to collect, depending on how well you do in the races there. Each location also has 15 reward cards for you to choose from. Each star means that you can pick one card.

This might seem a bit unfair, forcing you to leave 12 cards which could hold a special car, etc. But the good news is that you can replay locations as many times as you want until you have received all 15 rewards. Given that there are 15 locations, that's a lot of gold, XP -- and more importantly, cars -- for you to pick up just by replaying those tracks.

Another reward that you must make sure that you get is the Boss cars. After you have gone through nine of a location's stages, you get a chance to take on that location's champion. Beat them and you will get their cars. Most of the time they are pretty good, so grinding for these wins can be useful when you are just starting out and need to have a few decent cars to get through the earlier levels.

Buy Card Packs

As you progress, you will earn both gold and dollars. These can be used not only to upgrade your cars, but also to purchase packs of cards from the "Buy Cars" menu. Most of the packs contain 5 cards (apart from the ceramic ones that also come in 25 and 50 packs) and you are guaranteed to get at least one good car in each pack (apart from in the cheapest pack). Of course, the rarity of the cars you pick up will mostly depend on how much you want to spend on a pack.

You can also purchase card packs if you are wanting to find a certain kind of car. If you wanted to specifically find a French car, an off-roader, a coupé, etc. then you can buy specific packs in hopes of getting what you want.

We hope that these hints and tips will give you a better experience when it comes to playing Top Drives. At the end of the day, it all comes down to looking at the race requirements and finding which cars in your deck which match them.

Have you played any Top Drives? How have you found it? Tell us which impressive cars you've managed to find. And stay tuned for more Top Drive guides!


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Published Sep. 12th 2017

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