How Long Does it Take to Beat Gears 5?

We horde you want to know how long it takes to beat Gears 5, so we compiled this quick guide of current completion times while taking a look out how many acts and chapters are in the game.

The consensus is in: Gears 5 is one hell of a game. Whether you're playing it on Xbox One or PC, you might be wondering how long it takes to beat Gears 5

To answer that question, we asked our reviewer and looked at the website How Long to Beat, which compiles game data from users from around the world. As of this writing, we know that 37 of 52 players have submitted Gears 5 completion data to the site. 

We admit it's not exactly scientific, but the data below will give you an idea of how much time you can expect to spend with the game. 

So how long is it? 

Gears 5 Campaign 

Time: ~11 Hours

The game's campaign is roughly 11 hours long. Our reviewer said that's about right, as it took him around 12 hours to finish things up. 

Gears 5 Campaign + Extras 

Time: ~14 Hours

To complete the main story and what HLtB calls "extras," it takes roughly another three hours, putting your playtime at around 14 hours. Here, extras seem to include things like sidequests and non-story achievements.

Gears 5 Completionist

Time: ~17.5 Hours

For those going for all of the game's achievements, it looks like a completionist run will take around 17.5 hours. Of course, some players will be faster, while others will certainly take longer. It's just a matter of playstyle... 

How Many Acts and Chapters are in Gears 5? 

Now that you know the game's length, how many Acts and Chapters are in this sequel to Gears 4?  

Here's what we know: There are four acts with a total of 15 chapters

  • Act One has four chapters
  • Act Two has five chapters
  • Act Three has four chapters
  • Act Four has two chapters


In addition to the game's campaign, Horde mode returns with tons of enemies and a cast of characters wielding devastating abilities a la' Champions in Overwatch. That's not to mention other game-lengthening modes such as Escape, Map Builder, and Versus.

Currently, Gears 5 is out on Xbox One and PC. It is available both physically and digitally, and fans can also play it via Game Pass on both of those platforms. It is available for other PC players on Steam.

Gears 5 supports cross-play and cross-save on Xbox One and PC, including Steam. 


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Published Sep. 12th 2019

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