Jurassic World Evolution 2: How to Get Dinosaurs to Fight

Getting dinosaurs to fight in Jurassic World Evolution 2 is a long game. Here's how to potentially speed it up.

Getting dinosaurs to fight in Jurassic World Evolution 2 can be a real pain. But you'll need to do it if you want to research new technologies that open more dig sites for excavation. But how do you get dinosaurs to fight each other?

Some challenge maps, such as Canada and the United Kingdom have research nodes that require your dinosaurs to fight. Research requirements for these change based on the map and difficulty, as do the number and types of species you can unlock.

For example, United Kingdom on easy difficulty requires you have a dinosaur with at least 3 fights won to unlock Large Carnivores 2. Canada on easy requires you have a dino with at least 2 fights lost for Hadrosaurs 3B.

To satisfy these requirements, one dinosaur must have the wins and losses under its belt; it won't count if multiple dinos, for instance, each have one win or loss.

How to Fight Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution 2

Dinosaurs will naturally fight from time to time to assert dominance. This can lead to lacerations and major fractures that you have to heal with the Paleo-Medical Facility. But it may not count toward the overall win/loss total. To be honest, I'm not sure why some fights don't count.

When a fight breaks out, you'll see a red notification bar appear in the upper right of the screen that includes the names of the dinosaurs duking it out. If you haven't renamed the animals, their genus distinction and breed number will appear in the box.

Despite putting carnivores in the same enclosures as herbivores, and putting together species that naturally dislike each other in cohabitation, it's incredibly difficult to get dinosaurs to fight.

In my 42 hours of play, I've only had a few dozen fights, and of those, fewer still have registered as wins or losses. I've even tried making small pens without any food or water to make dinosaurs mad. It doesn't seem to work. 

To make sure animals fight and fast-track these bits of research, put two or more Stegosauruses together. They are naturally cranky and prone to aggression even when all of their needs are met. They also often carry the Intolerant trait at 50% by default.

It also helps one Stegasaurus is dominant, though that's not required. If they are dominant, look for the Aggressive trait, which increases dominance by +30%.

Even though Stegasauruses get lonely if their population numbers are low, their cohabitation dislikes also include other Stegasaureses  even those in the same immediate family.

My fights all happened in a normal-sized pen with 4 Stegasauruses, but you could theoretically up the chances by putting two in a small pen with just enough food and water that they don't try to break free. Decreasing their comfort too much will cause them to break fences and escape enclosures, prolonging the process.

How do you keep track of wins and losses? 

  • Click on the dinosaur that's fighting.
  • Click the round icon with an "i" in it.
  • View "Fight Record" underneath Infamy Level and Kills.
    • The trophy icon represents wins.
    • The circle with an X represents losses.

No matter what you do, getting dinosaurs to fight is mostly a waiting game. When and how they do is completely random; all you can do is up the chances by lowering their comfort (you can increase it later) and incubating eggs that have specific traits or mods. If you're looking for more help, consider heading over to our JWE 2 tips and tricks hub.

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Published Nov. 18th 2021

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