Wolfenstein 2 Collectibles Guide: All Audio Record Locations

Round out your Wolfenstein record collection with 10 albums of Nazi-approved pop and rock from the '60s, and nab yourself an achievement along the way!

For achievement hunters and collectible fans, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is a gamer's dream come true, with plenty of secrets to find while repelling the Nazi menace from America (and much more exotic locales).

If you pay attention while exploring levels, you may notice some records scattered around featuring odd Nazified renditions of old time pop and rock tunes. In keeping with the alternate history theme, the game even re-imagines what the musical revolution of the '60s might have sounded like in a German controlled world.

Collecting all 10 hidden records unlocks the Audiophile achievement, and you can listen to each record using the Jukebox found inside Eva's Hammer. You can find all of these collectibles while going through the the main campaign, but if you miss any, just return after the game is done using the Enigma machine.

If you are returning to the mission areas through the Enigma machine for the assassination missions, you can grab several of the missing Max toy collectibles in the same areas.

Manhattan Collectibles

Wolfenstein Audio Record 1

For this first audio record collectible, head inside the front door of the police station and immediately hang a right to go up the stairs. Go forward and use the desk to leap across to the other side of the room (right by where the floor is missing). The record is on the next desk in the corner next to the heater.

 Audio Record #1

Wolfenstein Audio Record 2

Near the end of the mission there's an abandoned apartment building you can enter through a hole in the wall. Turn right immediately after the hole and you should see the record sitting on the back side of the counter.

 Audio Record #2

Wolfenstein Audio Record 3

In the area where you talked to Grace (there's a cage with an American flag in the middle) head over to the corner seating area. The record is sitting on a small wood table between a couch and chair.

 Audio Record #3

Wolfenstein Audio Record 4

In the circular command center area (with the tops of the concrete pylons painted red), jump up onto the grating and then go down the hallway with the red stripes to find a mezzanine room with several large consoles. The record is on the desk between the two big consoles

 Audio Record #4

Roswell Collectibles

Wolfenstein Audio Record 5

Near the blue gas station is a store with a red sign and flag. Head inside to the back where you will find a drum set. The record is sitting on the small wood cabinet next to the drums.

 Audio Record #5

Wolfenstein Audio Record 6

In the underground area near the railway you can head up a set of stairs and find an office off the right. The record is on the floor in the corner of the office beneath the consoles.

 Audio Record #6

New Orleans Collectibles

Wolfenstein Audio Record 7

In the flooded area before you actually enter the wall, there's a ruined building on the right side with some green foliage hanging off. You know you are in the right house if there's a big empty painting frame on the wall. The Record is below the frame on a counter.

 Audio Record #7

Wolfenstein Audio Record 8

When you return to the street after the pipe tunnel you should see a flaming barrel near the end of the street, and just ahead and to the right is back end of a vehicle with an open door. Grab the record just inside the vehicle.

 Audio Record #8

Venus Collectibles

Wolfenstein Audio Record 9

In the lower living quarters area (where the walls are marked with letters), go into Room 8 to find this record sitting in the corner on the couch and next to some luggage.

 Audio Record #9

Wolfenstein Audio Record 10

For the final The New Colossus audio record, go up the staircase marked "21." Take a right and then a left. At the end of the hallway on your right is a room with some couches. Check the counter next to the statue to get the final audio record.

 Audio Record #10

That's all 10 Wolfenstein 2 audio records to pick up -- enjoy your achievement, and many thanks for the screenshots to YouTuber randomChievos!

Still need help with the rest of the game or finding any other collectibles? Check out the rest of our Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus guides here, and enjoy some '60s Nazi pop about following all the rules below!

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Published Nov. 1st 2017

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