Dragon Project Guide: How to Get Tablets

There are two ways to get tablets in Dragon Project -- one's easy, the other is a bit more difficult.

To get high-tier gear in Dragon Project, you're going to need tablets -- but you won't come across them as often as you might like. Unsurprisingly, tablets are the hardest non-currency crafting component to get your hands on.

So to help you get them faster and avoid that unnecessary super-grind, we're going to go over the two ways to get tablets in Dragon Project, both of which are pretty much the same thing. One's a sure bet, and the other is far from it.

How to Obtain Tablets at a 100% Chance

This method for getting tablets is surprisingly simple: If you summon a Behemoth, you'll get its tablet once it's defeated. It's as straightforward as that -- but it's not like summoning is free.

While summoning a Behemoth and defeating it will grant you its tablet without fail, you will only gain enhancement materials from Shadow Behemoths. Instead of a tablet, shadow variations will give you enhancement materials for the equipment its tablet is used to make, so make sure you keep that in mind.

Because of of this, it's especially important that you use the 10x summon options instead of the standard. 250 Gems may seem like a lot to collect, but it's much better to be guaranteed at least one S Rank+ Behemoth from your pulls rather than a basically nothing.

How to Obtain Tablets Otherwise

So you get tablets from monsters you summon, that's easy enough to understand. Luckily, getting them via other means is pretty simple, too. It's just not easy.

The other way to get tablets is to simply join other players in their fights against Behemoths they've summoned. Unfortunately, the drop rates are abysmal.

The playerbase determined via the Japanese version of Dragon Project that there was a 0.25% chance for tablets to drop when joining other players' fights, which means the chances of you getting that exceptionally rare Empithon tablet is unlikely even if you grind out other people's Empithon fights for days.

The gist of all this is that it's best if you save up 250 Gems at a time for your summon pulls to make sure you get at least one S Rank+ tablet for your troubles. Sure, you can get tablets from other players' summons -- but the fact is, you probably won't.

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Published Oct. 24th 2017

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