Elder Scrolls Online: How To Level Provisioning

A guide to leveling your Provisioning skill.

This is the most unorthodox craft in the game. While exploring the world of Tamriel, the majority of your material gathering is from barrels, crates, and other such interactive objects.

There are also materials gathered from fishing, which Stephanie covered, and elusive non-aggressive monsters that drop meats. In this guide I'll cover the best way to level Provisioning, based on personal experience.

Here's a bit of background on Provisioning, since even though it's not my main I still have it at 48. Recipes are found for provisioning, and treated as consumables. You have to use the recipe to learn it for crafting.

Some of the early level recipes seemed to show only if you were in a certain Alliance. After a recent patch that appears to have changed so that you can access those recipes from all the alliances.

Gathering Options:

Just a random barrel next to the Blacksmith station.

For Provisioning there are two ways to go about speed leveling. One requires a lot more work than the other. The first option is checking every nook and cranny and killing everything for materials and stock piling your reserves. You'll also need to advance you character through progression quickly, so that you can find higher tier materials. This option is very time-consuming, however you can utilize the principle of this within option two, just at a more efficient rate.

Option two is a community system, where community members designate a single person to level at a time. All materials and recipes found during this time will go to this person. You should also consider making this individual the primary Provisioner for the sake of distributing Veteran Rank recipes. After the first person is maxed, others can then be supplied with recipes and materials to level up.

Both ways require an extensive amount of material gathering. The burden is easier in the community system, but it requires team work. Remember to check all of those barrels!

Minimum Skillpoint Expenditure:

In the image I actually have a wasted point in Recipe Quality that I thought I needed. That was not the case.

For leveling purposes only, it's possible to get by with only an additional two points in Recipe Improvement. This allows you to craft from up to the level 30 Provisioning recipes. In the upper 30s tier one crafts grant hardly any inspiration and the gain from tier two slows down. This is why taking tier three Recipe Improvement is recommended.

If you follow the advice given in this guide, you should have no problems maxing out your Provisioning, especially if you like to check every corner. For more guides, be sure to check out the ESO Team Directory

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Published Apr. 17th 2014

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