Diablo Immortal Best Classes Tier List

Pick the best class out of six in Diablo Immortal with the help of our tier list guide for both PvE and PvP modes.

There are six classes in Diablo Immortal: three melee and three ranged. Each class has a number of skills and abilities, but not all of them are equal in PvE and PvP. Some are more suited to one mode or the other. This tier list will showcase all of the best classes in Diablo Immortal, including their best skills for both PvE and PvP, as well as notes on weaknesses that all players must be aware of.

S-Tier Classes


  • Type: Ranged.
  • Attribute: Intelligence.

Necromancer has many advantages: he can summon pets and use various buffs and debuffs. It's a perfect class for beginner players as well, since it's very easy to learn.

All of his attacks, whether they are targeted or AoE, such as Soulfire and Bone Spear, have high damage output. He can summon skeletons, golems, spirits, and other creatures that can tank for you. 

In PvP, Necromancer is an excellent support class, who can use Bone Walls and Bone Spikes to disrupt your opponent's movements. The only drawback to the Necromancer is its lack of mobility.


  • Type: Melee.
  • Attribute: Strength.

A DPS tank, Crusader is the strongest class in the game in terms of physicality. Just like Necromancer, this class has excellent targeted and AoE attacks, such as Punish and Sacred Fire. But unlike Necromancer, Crusader has some of the better mobility skills in the game, such as Draw and Quarter, which summons a war horse, increases his speed by 60%, and removes certain debuffs.

In PvP, his Condemn ability can be of great help, as it burns all opponents once, then repeats the AoE again (with lesser damage), finishing off everyone who managed to stay alive. Crusader's cooldowns could be a bit shorter, but you don't have to worry about that too much since he has enough armor to protect him while you're waiting.

A-Tier Classes


  • Type: Melee.
  • Attribute: Strength.

Barbarian is a pure DPS class that has fewer tanky abilities but more combat and mobility skills than Crusader. His Lacerate skill heals you while you attack, which can be quite useful, and if you feel that you need to push things even further with his attacks, then Frenzy will initiate a powerful hack-and-slash combo.

While in PvP, you can use his Hammer of the Ancients attack, which will scare away all of your opponents, dealing massive hits. Unfortunately, his cooldowns can also be quite slow, and his defensive skills aren't that good either.

Demon Hunter

  • Type: Ranged.
  • Attribute: Strength.

Demon Hunter is basically the physical counterpart to the Necromancer, though it has special and unique abilities to set up traps. Demon Hunter uses powerful Explosive Arrows that strike a single target for a massive amount of damage, and then spreads reduced damage to all other enemies in the vicinity.

In addition to your own ranged weapon, you can set up a Sentry that summons turrets that fire at enemies automatically. And, if you don't want your enemies to know your position, then set up a Knife Trap to catch them by surprise. With all that said, Demon Hunter can be very lackluster in PvP due to its weak defenses.

B-Tier Classes


  • Type: Ranged.
  • Attribute: Intelligence.

Wizard is a great choice for players who like challenging battles, where AoE skills are important. This class also has the ability to chain damage with the Electrocute skill, which hits one target and spreads to others nearby.

But the biggest advantage of the Wizard class is its Teleport skill, which allows you to quickly change your position to avoid damage; it's especially useful in PvP.

However, the Wizard has a ton of weaknesses. It has low health, long cooldowns, and a complete lack of buffing abilities. 


  • Type: Melee.
  • Attribute: Strength.

Monk is a physical support character, and by definition isn't a good choice for solo PvE. Although Monk has lots of useful support skills and low cooldowns, his damage output is low and his defenses are rather fragile. However, his Fists of Thunder skill is quite good in combination with teleportation.

With the help of Shield of Zen you can protect both yourself and another one of your allies from damage, which also protects from various control spells. 

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Published Jun. 9th 2022

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