Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide: Multiplayer info and tips

Check this guide out for all the info on multiplayer in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Xenoblade Chronicles X has various multiplayer options ranging from sharing info to do missions with other human players. It is not as simple as just going online and doing missions with other people; you have to complete tasks.

I'm going to help you understand all of the multiplayer features that go into Xenoblade Chronicles X, as well as how to do missions with other people. If you want more general info on the game, check out my Beginner tips and tricks.

This guide will go over everything about multiplayer in Xenoblade Chronicles X including:

  • Squad Info - What squads are and the different types available.
  • Squad Tasks - Different tasks your squad can complete while playing the game.
  • Squad Missions - Specific missions you can do with other players or A.I. characters.

Squad Info

A squad is a 32-player group you are a part of if you are connected to the internet while playing Xenoblade Chronicles X. This is made up of people who picked the same type of squad as you.

  • Lifehold - This squad focuses on solo gameplay. This is for people who want to just explore and play the game without focusing on multiplayer tasks and missions.
  • Conquest - This squad is for those that want to focus on the multiplayer features in the game.
  • Friends - This puts you in a squad that people on your friend's list are in.
    • It automatically puts you in whichever of the 2 squad types your friend picked, so make sure you know what type that is.

Squad members can send messages that everyone in the squad can see. This is helpful for pointing out things they've found, such as locations for certain squad tasks.

  • Achievements of all squad members can also be seen, but you can turn this option off in Social Settings.

You will see NPC versions of squad members throughout the game called, Scout. You can add this A.I. member to your party for a short time. You can also go to the BLADE scout console to choose a specific level and class for a Scout. You may need to pay in-game money to get a Scout.

When you use a Scout, a scout bar fills when you fight with them. These give rewards such as Reward Tickets, Division Points, and resources.

When you get an item, you can choose Treasure Deal if you don't want it. This lets other members in your squad decide if they want it. A random roll occurs, and the item is given to the winner.

Squad Tasks

Xenoblade Chronicles X Squad Tasks

While playing in a squad, the bottom right of your screen shows the current squad tasks. Hold R, then tap L to cycle through the tasks. This gives you detailed info on what you need to do for each task.

Clearing tasks gives benefits to the whole squad and unlock squad missions. The more tasks that get completed by your squad, the more missions you get to try.

Once the timer is up under the squad tasks, you can't do anymore squad missions.

Squad Missions

These are missions you can play with up to 3 other players and only available when one or more squad tasks are completed. You can view these missions, and much more, at the Network Console in the BLADE Barracks.

Players can either recruit of missions or join other players that are getting ready for a mission.

When any member, or members, complete a mission, others cannot do the mission anymore. This means that if you want to complete these squad missions, get on them early to have a better chance.

There are also Time Attack missions. These involve fighting bosses from the main story that you already defeated. You compete for the best time with other players.

You get reward tickets for completing squad tasks and can use them on various materials from the terminal.

All missions have a required level to complete and a sync level. If you are under the required level, you cannot attempt the mission. If you are too high, your level gets synced to the mission, so it isn't too easy.


All Divisions have their own level and offer a reward you can choose once a day. The higher your Division's level, the more rewards you can choose from. You can add to your Division by completing the actions your Division specializes in. Check out the Divisions section in my Beginner tips and tricks for more info.

You can also change your Division by using the Network Console.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Network Console

Global Nemesis

These are strong bosses that either spawn regularly, or after conquest progress is filled. This is a fight that the whole squad competes in, separately. A Global Nemesis has an RP Gauge that goes down as Squad members damage him. As the HP goes down, the RP Gauge goes down. When the RP Gauge is full depleted, the monster is defeated.

This means that you will want several teams damaging and defeating the boss until it dies.

That wraps up my multiplayer guide for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Let me know if you have any questions or tips of your own!

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Published Dec. 8th 2015
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    Is there any way to navigate to squad mission monsters?
  • Synzer
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    You mean by using the Follow Ball? If so, I don't think you can.

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